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Interesting news coming out of the nerd realm. I'm talking Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory type nerd news...except, potentially at an even further level of nerdiness than that. This is news coming directly from NASA that they've completed the design for a spaceship to Mars. Yeah...

With The Martian just recently hitting theaters and the new findings about water previously existing on the planet, this news is especially topical.

Here's what Bill Hill, deputy associate administrator of NASA’s Exploration Systems Development Division, had to say about the new design:

We’ve nailed down the design of SLS, we’ve successfully completed the first round of testing of the rocket’s engines and boosters, and all the major components for the first flight are now in production. There have been challenges, and there will be more ahead, but this review gives us confidence that we are on the right track for the first flight of SLS and using it to extend permanent human presence into deep space.

Somebody call Matt Damon! Wow. The SLS program manager, John Honeycutt also weighed in on this groundbreaking news.

This is a major step in the design and readiness of SLS. Our team has worked extremely hard, and we are moving forward with building this rocket. We are qualifying hardware, building structural test articles, and making real progress.

I'm down to go to Mars too, if they need volunteers or whatever. Just sayin'.



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