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Ashley Soven

Being in this generation, everything cool has to be an internet hype for a while til it's out in theatres or video games console. Now the first thing that was a hype over the internet was mainly Deadpool. Now that's it's finally a movie it's created a bang heard over thousands of miles away. And I, of course, was one of the thousands of people who were very excited about this upcoming Movie. Ever since the X-Men origins: Wolverine botched the known look of Deadpool, fans everywhere have rejected the new look and started to complain and they were right. Then a few years later they come and correct their mistake, pleasing everyone. I am so very excited for this movie, it's crawling closer every day but we can't really estimate the success of this production until we actually see it. But I'm very sure that Ryan Reynolds nailed the part. It suited him perfectly and I'm happy about that. I wanna do a review about this movie when it finally comes out, that and Suicide Squad and maybe Batman Vs Superman. It would be more like talking about the outcome then just plain reviewing.


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