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While people fear its demise, we are living in a time of Pax Heroica. Superheros are dominating everything from television to movies (while comics are another story altogether), and there are seemingly endless plans to your favorite heroes to life in the media.

Did I mention it was a great time?

As DC and Marvel quickly burn through their marquee characters, questions are eventually going to arise as to which characters are going to be featured down the line. Marvel has proven it can be done with ANT-MAN, a relatively obscure character that has his own fanbase, but isn't quite a household name. DC has a few characters that fit that description to, but the ideal candidate for his next live action television or web series is Superboy.

Yeah, that guy.
Yeah, that guy.

Connor Kent/Kon-El/The Metropolis Kid is the PERFECT character to adapt. Superboy has "super" brand familiarity. Also, he has a back-story that is vaguely understood, but has a slew of iterations making new interpretations easier for writers and creators. Compare this to say Batman, whose origin is essentially locked in stone. CBS is already trying this with their series SUPERGIRL, to varying degrees of success.

Okay, allow me to play devil's advocate. Superman isn't universally hated, but there is a vocal part of the public that finds his powers "boring." The aforementioned Supergirl is already on the air, why do we want to try another story in the Super family? What about giving Krypto his own series.

Oh wait.
Oh wait.

Superboy's powers are different enough to open up the possibilities of unique storytelling. And whereas Superman's story has often been compared to deities, Superboy's struggle is a lot more pedestrian. In the post-Death of Superman, pre-Flashpoint continuity, Superboy was created with DNA of both Superman and Lex Luthor. Good and evil is literally in Superboy's blood. Trying to do good when you know that your share traits with one of the most intelligent, maniacal man in comics would be a struggle for anyone.

How many of us were in a situation where our reputation (or family name) preceded us? How many of us ever wanted to "get even" before cooler heads prevailed. How many of us have been unfairly compared to a more well-known family member with a tone that conveys that they were superior in every way?

How many of us wanted to be FABULOUS in a leather jacket from the 90s?
How many of us wanted to be FABULOUS in a leather jacket from the 90s?

Congratulations, there's a little Superboy in you. There's a Superboy in all of us.

If a Superboy show were to be greenlit, who do YOU think should be Lil' Supes? Sound off below!


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