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Vitor Menezes de Mattos

Come on, everytime i see comments on news of a new marvel series in internet, no one seems to talk about wanting a new spider man series, i feel like i'm the only 1 who want that to happen. So i decided to make this list.

1-Less time to wait between one part and another

Isn't it awful to be a spider man fan and have to wait for 2 years or more to see spider man in live action again? It sucks, you see a great spider man movie and you want to see what happens next, but you will have to wait for 2 years or more! If spider man turns into a series, we will have to wait only a week. The worst thing is to wait a long time to get what u want in movies, and there's nothing u can do to make the time go faster, the best thing, is sleep a lot, which i do!

2-More time to explore the spider man characters

We have barely seen the characters of spider man, the main ones we did, and some of the supporting ones that would be nice to see in movies, but with only a trilogy, they don't have enough time to explore the spider man stories and charaters, and if they do, is all in a rush and done in a very bad way.

3-They have done great superhero series already

The fllash is a great example of it, after all, every single episode sounds like a mini the flash movie, after all they manage to make him face a new villain in every single episode, without stopping the serie's story, other things happens with the new episodes, and is not like Ben 10 or many adventure series, that you can watch every single episode without any concern of what have happened before, every time the flash faces a new villain, new things happen, and u need to watch the episodes in order to understand. Also, the flash series, proves that they can do more super hero series, and they have made the green arrow, supergirl, the flash, daredevil, heroes much less popular than spider man, and they were great, so, what's keeping them from making another series, one of spider man? Who is even more popular, and now is even more than it used to be?


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