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Marvel. That's it.

After watching Tuesday's episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., 'Devil's You Know,' another huge question was posed when it was revealed that Inhuman hunter Lash (who is also an Inhuman) can also change his appearance into someone smaller, as seen by Agent Skye... I mean, Johnson.

Not many clues could be found about his true identity. Is he just a completely new character, or someone that we have already seen? All that we have to go by is the shadow transforming, but I believe that gave it all away...

Lash is none other than ATCU leader Rosalind Price!

Roz would give new meaning to "Devils You Know."
Roz would give new meaning to "Devils You Know."

But how? Not only is Lash a man, but Roz is also the leader of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit, the group tasked with bringing in Inhumans. However, after watching the transformation scene 10+ times, I'm certain that not only is Lash's other identity female, but it is also obviously Roz. The shadow is of a smaller frame, and you can almost make out her distinct hairline. That also would explain why Lash did not take out Daisy when he had the chance, considering he definitely knows that she is an Inhuman.

It also furthered my theory that in classic TV fashion, the second Daisy started to talk about what she had witnessed to Mack, in walked Roz to stifle the conversation. It could also explain why her face seems to have some scarring, maybe from a painful transformation into a large beast?

If it is true, the biggest question of all would be why he/she is killing the Inhumans that he/she is also tasked with capturing. Maybe she created the unit to help get the resources she needed to track them down, or a great cover to keep the suspicions at bay?

Who knows, they may go a completely different direction... but, if I'm right, this season is about to get a lot more interesting.


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