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If you're a Disney fan like me, you know all about Pocahontas and her love interest, John Smith. But, what some don't know is there's a sequel and Pocahontas gets another love interest named John Rolfe. Why is this bit of information practically unknown? Well, Disney wanted to try and be historically accurate so they created Pocahontas II: Journey To A New World, and paired Pocahontas with John Rolfe officially. Only, it didn't go over too well with the viewers and it created such an outrage, that the Disney company put Smith back with Pocahontas and declared the second film non canon. Crazy, right?

I personally like John Rolfe more than I do Smith. It's been a pretty big debate subject for those who know about him. Some side with Smith, others side with Rolfe. So we're going to look at the two characters and you can decide for yourself who you like better.

John Smith

Name: John Smith

Age: 19

Personality: Brave, determined, adventurous, witty, caring, rebellious, loving, selfless and wisecracking.

Appearance: Slender, muscular, blond hair, blue eyes, satchel, musket, clad in both blue conquistador uniform and helmet

Occupation: Settler, adventurer, one of Ratcliffe's soldiers (formerly)

Alignment: Good

Goal: To discover new worlds and win Pocahontas' heart

Overall Thoughts On The First Film: I will admit he's hot and he can be pretty funny. I mean he feeds Meeko a biscuit and uses another one to stop Flit in his tracks.

But he can be a tad too arrogant for my tastes at times. He's rather set in his ways and views, but after a thought provoking number, he changes his tune. He can be sweet and he genuinely cares about Pocahontas, even after knowing her for only what, a few days, two kisses, nearly getting his brains bashed out and shot?

When she goes and visits him, the pain and heartache are plain to see. They had a real heart wrenching number, but Disney cut it until later versions. Do I wish he stayed with her? Yes and I still wish she had gone with him.

Overall Thoughts On The Second Film: I liked Smith more in the first film. The animation was better and brighter and his personality was better too. He's a jerk to put it nicely and he seems to have lost his faith in Pocahontas her ability to stop the war. He's very quick to assume she wants what he wants. Then there's the major ticker for me: He's been alive for five years after getting shot and doesn't write to her! Five years! His excuse is he wanted to and must have started thousands of letters and then quickly changes the subject. Heck no! No wonder she thought he was dead! I really liked Smith better in the first film, his character had far more dynamic.

John Rolfe

Personality; Proper, resourceful, brave, kind, generous, courageous, caring, quick-witted, headstrong, willful, polite, selfless

Appearance: Handsome, slender, fair skin, shoulder-length ponytail auburn hair, green eyes, clad in red noble uniform

Occupation: English diplomat

Goal: To bring Pocahontas' father to England (originally), to help Pocahontas impress the King (accomplished), to stop the armada and keep peace and harmony between the English and Indians (accomplished).

Overall Thoughts: Not gonna lie, I really like this character. Personally, I think he's pretty endearing. Though he does tick Pocahontas off with his need to be in charge attitude, he does win her respect when he protects her from the rough crew.

He's very honorable, though he is a bit naive in his belief that a king doesn't lie. He's quite the opposite of Smith in terms of personality. While Smith is bold, daring and adventurous, Rolfe is more quiet, shy and proper. He sort of bungles things up in the very beginning when he thinks Pocahontas is the name of the chief. He at first doesn't think Pocahontas can handle the job as an ambassador for her people but she proves him wrong. He's not one to go head to head in a confrontation, giving in rather easily in some cases, but when it comes to Pocahontas he's rather fierce. He ends up conflicted when Pocahontas is arrested because he's loyal to the king, but he knows that the king was being manipulated by Ratcliffe, making Rolfe see that the king isn't as perfect as he once believed. He does believe Pocahontas can convince the king to stop the armada against her people, even when Smith doesn't.

He realizes Pocahontas needs space to figure out what to do and gets angry when Smith accuses him of not caring about her safety.

He steps aside when Smith starts talking about taking Pocahontas with him to discover new lands, thinking that's what she wants, even though he loves her. He's willing to put her happiness above his own. In the end, he chooses to leave behind all the honor and titles he's won in order to be with Pocahontas.


This is personally my opinion and it's not to try and change yours, but I still think Rolfe was good for Pocahontas.

Yes, Smith was her first love, but first loves rarely last long in real life. He didn't write to her for five years and she was told he was dead. She went through the grieving process and finally accepted he was gone when Rolfe came into the picture. She moved on with someone who made her happy, who gave up everything to be with her.

Not in this case!
Not in this case!

Rolfe stood by her, believing she could do what she planned to do. He supported her, loved her, and stepped aside thinking it would make her happy. He left behind everything he knew back in London to be with her. That's dedication.

Smith, I'm sorry to say, lost his chance. He waited too long to come back to her. I think it was a bit unfair of him really, to come back expecting everything to be how it was and then not have faith in her when she needed him the most. He did, however step back when he realized that they no longer walked the same path and he wished her happiness. If she had gone with him in the first film, I have no doubt that they would have ended up together just like all the other princesses did with their princes.

At least Disney tried to be a bit more accurate and for those saying Disney messed up the first film with being inaccurate, lighten up! For the love of Disney, if the films were completely accurate, they wouldn't exactly be kid friendly as some of them are pretty gruesome. It irritates me to know end when people complain about accuracy in the films. You do not want accuracy. Trust me, I've read the original tales.

So yeah, I think it was a bit unfair that Disney declared the sequel non-canon. Poor Rolfe didn't do anything. I get mad when people just heap all this hate onto him simply because Disney was trying to be a little more accurate.

Just be happy with the films as they are and remember the magic we felt as kids. Stop questioning everything about it. I prefer to watch the films and marvel at the animation, music and just how much work went into each film.


John Rolfe Or John Smith?


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