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Robin Shields

It has become apparent The Walking Dead is using a good deal of symbolism lately, in the form of initials. Typically, the makers of the show don’t just arbitrarily put things in for no reason. Are these initials all related somehow? Or, just inserted to make us wonder?

First, we have the A’s, initially appearing on the train car in terminus where Rick, Michonne, Daryl and Carl were imprisoned in the season 4, finale episode 16 – A (appropriate name).

Next, it appears on the side of Father Gabriel’s church as Jared and the other Termites are entering to kill the group members left behind.

Then we see young Sam playing with an A stamp in Season 5, episode 13 – Forget, when he stamps Rick’s hand during the Welcome to Alexandria party and again on Carol's porch step in the recently aired episode 2 - JSS, of the current season six.

Next, we have the W’s, which first appeared in Season 5, episode 9 – What Happened and What’s Going On, when a dozen or so limbless walkers spilled out of the back of a truck. Now we see the W’s everywhere on walkers and the living as well. And as we are all aware, the living are far more dangerous than the dead, especially in the zombie apocalypse. This is further evidenced by the well orchestrated and vicious attack on Alexandria by the Wolves, and It is likely not the last we will see of them.

Now we have Enid’s JSS appearing in the same titled Season 6, episode 2 - JSS, where we see her spell out the three letters in various places. The meaning of the JSS if finally explained in a note Enid leaves for Carl as her way of saying good bye or just survive somehow. I fear this is not the last we have seen of the JSS either.

There is symbolism attached to the W and the JSS, but what about the A? Is there a significance that is yet to be learned or again, is it just inserted to make us wonder?


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