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Jamil Wright

It's been confirmed that the long awaited Syfy show Krypton will indeed be a part of the the new DC universe, but which movie will it connect to? Well, it turns out that writer/producer David Goyer has revealed that the series, which was announced in 2014, will be a prequel to Man of Steel, which he also wrote.

"It takes place 200 years before Man of Steel," Goyer said at a press junket for Da Vinci’s Demons. "We're treating Krypton like it's a historical piece. We look to previous cultures on Earth to model what that would be like."

He also went on to say that that this show will explore the culture of Krypton. Much like we saw in Man of Steel.

"We scratched the surface in the film and, for me, that was the allure," he said. "I was always fascinated, as a kid, with the books about Krypton and they’ve only shaded in a tiny bit, so we’ll learn about the politics of the world. We’ll learn about the culture, the art, all the different guilds."

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