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Jason Rosete

We all love those video pranks that we get to watch online. It usually doesn’t matter what genre these videos are, be it horror or comedy. We will still love them. For those who know Jason Rosete, will know the knack this person has in making videos that are both funny but at the same time scary and nothing has been spared in this video.

This video is a bit similar to the previous work done by this director such as the Visit 4K parody but more scary. Even with this increased horror aspect the video hasn’t let go of its funny side. The paranormal activity digital portrait is bound to make you laugh as well as make you jump with every prank that is pulled on the unsuspecting victims. Paranormal Activity digital portrait is only 5 minutes long but be ready to be thrilled and amused.

The video starts with a young attractive and well dressed woman letting a man into her house, the man seems to be a delivery man. She leaves the man in the doorway with the excuse of her going to get her money. The house is rigged to make it look like things just move by themselves mysteriously. There are many things in the house but we shall concentrate on the three things that are used in the prank. These are a small wooden horse, a book and a digital portrait.

What happens is that once she leaves, the wooden horse would slowly swing by itself and the book would fall from the counter as well. The next thing that happen is what shocks everyone because the portrait looks so real. The delivery man after all these events decides to look at the photo at which in this point the photo turns into something straight from paranormal activity with the lady in the portrait looking like something straight from the ghost dimension. It leaves the first man so scared he drops the food. At this point the woman shows up and asks what he was doing; the man tries to explain but in vain. He is kicked out of the house.

I don’t blame him though because the special effects used were amazing and the portrait looked so real even though it was just a digital portrait. It’s because of this the second delivery man is also fooled by this. He comes in with the food and is told to wait by the doorway as she goes to fetch some money to go paying him. The same events happen, the wooden horse moves, the book falls, but wait there is something new. The man sneezes and a “bless you” is heard from what seemed to be the portrait. The man unsuspectingly looks at it and it’s at this moment that he sees a face of horror that he falls to what looks like the living room with the pack of food thrown somewhere far away.

Our next victim is a much younger guy that can’t believe his luck for the night, getting to deliver food for a pretty young lady. He is complimented and asked if he can take of his jacket to which he does and at this point she does the usual and leaves to go get her “money”. The unsuspecting victim is left there to wait as the same events play out, this one though is funny because the guy reacts in a funny manner in terms of his hand positioning and also gets lucky and throws the food right onto the chair which his coat is on. Talk about a lucky break.

Our last two victims face similar circumstances but with a bit of a difference on the last victim. The usual happens and he gets scared and is terrified with horror, so the lady adds a twist to it and gives him the money saying that it’s a ghost that has been haunting the house for a while and that he should run as fast as he can. To which the man complies without a second thought.

This video wouldn’t have been made possible if it wasn’t for the amazing special effects by AtmosFX. They made a stunning digital portrait that could fool 5 men to think it was real. Give them a visit for all your special effect needs.


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