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Doctor Who: the British drama of a time-traveling alien and human companions, has been known for over half a century now. However, the show has kept going because of the many stellar actors and actresses that have passed through the doors of the TARDIS. One question remains however, why has the Doctor always remained male?

During the regeneration process, a sex change is 100% possible. It happened to The Master this season in Doctor Who. So, why hasn't it happened through the show's fifty years? It should have happened already. It is statistically impossible for the doctor to be male thirteen times in a row.

Allow me to explain. A human (or Time Lord) has a 50% chance to be male. For thirteen individuals all to be male, it would mean the test group would have to manage to flip one side of a coin thirteen times and land on the same side every time. If you do the math, it would be .00012207031% chance. That's less than a tenth of one percent!

I bet people are bringing up the War Doctor's chosen regeneration as changing the system too. However, that only chose his life changing regeneration. He didn't choose any regeneration afterwards. So, with landing it twelve times, the chances change to 0.00024414062% chance.

Come on, guys. It's statistically time for a female Doctor. And before you go ahead and shoot down the idea because of the story, you and I both know Moffat could make it work. Moffat made the weeping angels, worked in the return of Gallifrey, and even broke hearts with Rose and the Tenth Doctor. You know the writers can manage it. We'll just have to see in the future though.


What do you think? Should there be a female Doctor in the future?


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