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With all the buzz about The Force Awakens, and the fact that its out THIS FREAKING DECEMBER OH MY GOD, a lot of people like me have been scratching their heads because of one question- Where's Luke?

Lookin' pretty damn like your father, Luke...
Lookin' pretty damn like your father, Luke...

Yep, despite the fact that he is essentially the main character in Star Wars, Luke is nowhere to be found in any of the trailers, posters, or any promotional material. The only real look at Luke we have is this picture of him, hooded with a bionic hand and R2. So with all this mystery shrouding the Jedi Warrior, a lot of questions have come up about him. Has he turned to the Dark-Side? Where is he? Why does he look so evil?

You wouldn't...would you?
You wouldn't...would you?

Well, I think I can finally shed some light on the Jedi Warrior and his whereabouts. There are some theories that Luke is a villain, and let me tell you the truth about that theory- it's partly true. Now, Luke is not full blown Vader or Sith, but Luke definitely has some issues.

Luke had a Force Unleashed Moment

If you've ever played the Force Unleashed, you know what happens- Starkiller evaporates a bunch of stormtroopers using the Force. Luke had a massive Force breakthrough and killed dozens of innocents and wounded even more, including the old gang, and thus has exiled himself and lives alone with R2, with his sanity slipping through his fingers. He doesn't know how to control his extreme power, and has not seen another human or any other living thing in years. (unless you count R2 and small animals)

How he'll fit into the story

Luke having so much power is a key part of the plot. You see, Kylo Ren finds out about Luke's extreme power, and thinks it's the key to "finishing what you (Vader) started". Luke is basically mentally unstable at this point, and could easily influenced into the Dark Side. Rey and Finn hear about this, and seek Han and Chewie's help getting to Luke first. Han is reluctant, but agrees. Along the way they run into Leia, who has not seen her husband in quite some time. But they don't get to Luke first...

That environment look familiar?
That environment look familiar?

Look at that environment that Ren is ravaging- it's the same as the exile planet that Luke resides in. And since it's in ruins, that can only mean one thing- Ren gets there first and destroys the planet searching for Luke. He also manages to recover Luke's lightsaber, probably by his Force abilities. Then he finds Luke, but makes a huge mistake by destroying R2 and attempting to sway Luke to the Dark Side by using the Force to get in his head. Luke goes berserk, and creates something similar to what the Orb makes when Peter Quill grabs it in Guardians of the Galaxy.

The old gang arrives in the Falcon around that time, with a massive Force cloud thingie decimating everyone and everything in it's way. Kylo escapes with his troops, but the gang is in trouble. Every one is fast enough to make it back on the ship, but Han is not fast enough, and is caught up the blast and dies. Chewie goes berserk, banging on the window of the Falcon, roaring, and punches Finn to the ground for flying away, and is about to shoot Finn with his blaster until Rey (who has formed a special bond with Chewie) tells him to stop and comforts him. Leia cries silently to herself, and Luke finally snaps out of it and views the decimated planet and Han's body.

Fast forward to the final battle scene on the Starkiller base, where a vengeful Chewie and C-3PO, Finn, Rey, Leia, Poe, and the Rebels are battling the Knights of Ren and the chrome troopers. The Rebels and the gang prevail, and shut down the ultimate weapon. Kylo Ren retreats into the snowy woods, but Finn chases after him with Luke's first lightsaber. Rey shouts that Ren will kill him, and that he needs to back away. Finn does not listen, and chases Ren, and Ren says to Finn that he is going to kill him. Ren removes his mask and takes out his lightsaber. Finn activates Luke's first lightsaber and prepares to battle.

Ren defeats and disarms Finn quite easily, and knocks him to the ground. Just as he is about to kill Finn, a voice tells him to stop now. It is Rey with Chewie by her side. Rey pulls out her blaster as if she is going to shoot Ren, but Chewie goes berserk and tackles Ren, knocking his lightsaber out of his hand. He scratches Ren with his claws and beats his face with his fists. Ren uses the Force to get his lightsaber and chops off Chewie's left arm. Chewie falls to the ground, and a sobbing Rey runs to his body, putting pressure on the wound and sobbing into Chewie.

A wounded Rey gets up, screams that he can never be defeated, and raises his lightsaber above his head as if he's going to kill them. Suddenly, a green lightsaber impales Ren. He falls to his knees and dies. It turns out it is Luke who used the Force to make the lightsaber impale Ren, and Luke takes off his hood, apologizes for everything he's done, and helps Finn up.

The movie ends with a new team protecting the galaxy, and the team consists of Finn, Luke, Rey, C-3PO, Chewbacca, (who has a bionic left arm) Poe, and Leia.


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