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Andrew Brindley

Recently 4 photos from the set of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice have been released by Total Film. One in particular stands out to me.

As a massive fan of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel, this newly released image brings me back to an epic sequence in one of the best Batman stories ever:

Batman Hunting the Robbers

That's right, we are more than likely going to see Batman picking off thugs one after another in stealthy, lethal and terrifying fashion. It would make sense, Batman has been in retirement for years and is known as nothing more than an aged myth. Returning to the shadows and once again striking fear into the hearts of criminals would revive this myth, this legend.

Director Zack Snyder has a reputation for pulling images directly from the source material. Just look at this reference to the cover of The Dark Knight Returns.

Batman is getting back in the game.


What are you looking forward to more? Batman and Superman's Epic Battle or The Dark Knight hunting down criminals?


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