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(WARNING: Long, Long ago in a galaxy far, far away there were spoilers. Below might reveal some big plot twists about the upcoming Star Wars movies and reveals some spoilers from older Star Wars movies. Be Wary, Spoilers You Must.)

With the ever closer release date for the seventh installment into the epic space opera that is Star Wars, theories about the movie have been all over the web. Recently, an article about the prequels was written by Moviepilot's very own Kit Simpson Brown discussed the way in which the prequels mirror the original trilogy in a similar way of ancient poetry. This new theory suggests that an original star might be playing a much larger (and darker) role than we ever thought possible. There have been plenty of people going around saying Luke has gone Dark by following in his father's steps, but what if they have the wrong Skywalker?

Princess Leia Skywalker Organa Solo Is The True Villain!

That's right, everyone keeps forgetting there were TWO Skywalkers who could follow their father's footsteps into the Dark Side. If this theory holds true, Kylo Ren is no more than a distraction to divert the audience's attention away from the true Sith Lord that is Leia Skywalker. Now where's the evidence? What could possibly support this ridiculous theory? After reading this article, I am certain I can at least persuade you to believe in some parts of the theory, if not the whole thing. So without further ado, here is how it all makes sense.

The Skywalker Destiny

Like Father like Daughter
Like Father like Daughter

It is abundantly clear that the Destiny of a Skywalker is to become a great force of Light and good in the galaxy before finally turning to the dark side. Luke is very aware of this fact and most likely pushed himself into exile on some remote planet to get rid of any temptations to join the Dark Side, which is why we haven't seen him in any of the trailers. Seeing as Luke is the last remaining Jedi and Leia, his twin sister, is also force sensitive, it would not be a stretch to imagine that he would teach her the ways of the Force, but what if he sensed something in her that scared him? That made him leave her and go into exile in search of answers? This abandonment of one of her closest friends could very well push her closer to the Dark Side. Further more her own husband, Han Solo, has apprantly abandoned her as well. In the first teaser trailer, Han comments to Chewie that "We're Home" most likely meaning he has been away for quite sometime. What has Leia been up to during this time? I believe that she isn't a direct parallel of her father but rather a much Darker force.

Princess Leia is the New Emperor Palpatine

After winning the war for the Rebels, Leia would be in a prime position to take a leadership role in the New Republic. A much similar role that Chancellor Palpatine served in the Prequels before it was revealed that he was also the Emperor of the Galactic Empire. Imagine, if you would, that Leia has just won a war, she saw the death and atrocities of war and wanted to make a better Galaxy, but the confinements of the New Republic were too much to ensure her vision of a great galaxy so she founds the First Order (the new Empire) in an effort to bring her ideas to fruition. So while serving as a Senator in the Republic she is also pulling the strings behind the First Order, much in the same way as Chancellor Palpatine was ruling in the Old Republic but also running the Empire show. Leia also appears to be more familiar with range, so I believe she would be a better Force user than a lightsaber fighter.

Why Would Leia Go Dark?

Unfortunately it wasn't for the cookies.
Unfortunately it wasn't for the cookies.

As we learned from the first six episodes, Skywalker's go dark when they lose a loved one. Who did Leia lose? A whole planet full of people! Including the people she thought were her parents. She witnessed the complete destruction of the people she was sworn to protect and couldn't do anything! That would drive anyone to madness and Leia might have sought ways to ensure that it would never happen again.

Leia is also not flawless or innocent by any means. She has already murdered a person. Who, you might be asking? Jabba the Hut. In the distractions Luke cuased, Leia wrapped her chains around Jabba's throat and strangled him to death! This mirrors the Sith's personal favorite way of killing people: Force Chokes.

The abandonment of her friends could have also led her down a dark path, with Han needing to restore balance to the galaxy and Luke seeking out the Force, Leia would be all alone in a world as she is stuck within the Senate as a leader of the New Republic. There are several other possibilities as to why she might go Dark. With all the pent up anger she has over the destruction of Alderann, she might have pushed Han and Luke away from her.

What About Kylo Ren?

Kylo is a parallel for Darth Maul. Before Episode I came out, everyone thought that he would be the primary protagonist for the new trilogy, and yet (spoilers!) he died! My theory is Kylo serves a similar purpose, he is there to distract the audience from who the true enemy is (Empress Leia). He is just a pawn to fight off anybody who tries to harm the First Order and its goals. He is essentially Leia's Apprentice. If she is a full-blown Sith Lord now, which is entirely possible given the fact she is also Force Sensitive, she will need an apprentice. I think it is likely that Finn will recieve training from Luke and they will both do battle with Kylo (much as Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn fought Darth Maul), they will win but Luke will die (again a parallel to the prequels). This may seem like a victory for the Republic before they discover there is a much darker and stronger force lurking out there, namely The First Order's leader Leia Skywalker.

What Do You Think?

To sum it all up, Leia is following in her Father's footsteps by going to the Dark Side in a Darth Sidious like role. She goes dark becuase of the destruction and death she has seen in an effort to protect her loved ones (much the same way Anakin went Dark to protect Padame.) Luke and Han haven't been involved in her life for quite sometime, both out on adventures to restore balance (but you can't have balance without the ying and yang, good and evil). Kylo Ren is just a distraction so the audience is surprised when he dies and Leia turns out to be the main antagonist for the trilogy.

Is this theory convincing? Do you believe it? Comment Below!


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