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With the unofficially official Back to the Future day in our past (get it?), long time fans and first time viewers had the opportunity to reflect on a franchise that put into perspective our growth (or lack of -- c'mon Hoverboards) of the past 30 years.

Back to the Future has been my favorite franchise ever since I could clearly say 'Great Scott.' Though I was too young to watch it premiere in theaters, I felt like the film was an exact documentation of my childhood. From skateboarding and shoes to suburbia and family relationships, Marty McFly was the on-screen embodiment of everything that I valued as a kid growing up. When you combine that with a time-traveling DeLorean with butterfly doors, it's impossible to not fall head over heels in love with it. Fast forward to present-day and you get an insane movie fanboy who just about collects everything that's branded with the iconic Back to the Future logo. While our wallets are recovering from the craze that was October 21st, I thought I'd put in my two cents on what five items all Back to the Future fans MUST have in their collection.

1. The Official Mattel Hoverboard

Disclaimer: These hoverboards don't actually hover.

In 2012 Mattel re-released the coveted Hoverboard that is seen in Back to the Future II. Sold by Mattel in low quantities, these prop replicas are rare and can be seen on the secondary market between the amounts of $300 - $500. Though steep in cost, true fanboys will appreciate the detail that this is an OFFICIAL Mattel product that was sanctioned by Universal. The Hoverboard is a 1:1 replica and was put into production with the help of the original film's Special Effects Supervisor, Michael Lantieri, Prop Maker Special Effects Expert, Mary Anne Lantieri, and the Co-Producer and Co-Writer of the trilogy, Bob Gale. If you're trying to step up your Marty McFly cosplay game up, you better get your hands on one of these.

2. LEGO CUUSO DeLorean

The LEGO DeLorean is the forth project in the CUUSOO program. CUUSOO is a dedicated online crowd sourced program where LEGO fans are able to design and create sets to which can be voted to be put into production -- and with over 10,000 supporters the LEGO DeLorean did just that. The DeLorean went out of stock earlier this year; they can be seen on the secondary market for $100. With the Flux Capacitor and Time Board, mini figures of both Marty McFly and Doc Brown, and interchangeable pieces to represent the DeLorean's change throughout the franchise, fans of all three films will appreciate the amount of detail that the LEGO DeLorean has to offer.

3. Pressed license plates from the 1985 and 2015 DeLorean

With references in several films and TV shows, one of the most iconic scenes in Back to the Future is the spinning license plate once the DeLorean hits 88 MPH (we seem some serious s**t) and travels one minute into the future. There are two versions of the iconic DeLorean license plate, one from 1985 with the timeless 'OUTATIME' vanity print and the other from 2015. Luckily for you, the eBay seller Celebrity Machines Studio Store sells it in a pair at an affordable price. Unfortunately, you won't be able to use these on your car.

4. The 2015 Pepsi Perfect Bottle

In Back to the Future II we get a masterful retelling of an identical storyline reflected in the perspective of a 2015 Hill Valley. Located in the same (but futuristic) diner, Marty McFly requests for a Pepsi and gets something familiar yet unique in return -- the Pepsi Perfect bottle. In 2015, Pepsi decided to release the bottle in the small quantity of 6,500 to the dismay of the Back to the Future fanboys across the nation. In the same vein as the Mattel Hoverboard, this is an officially licensed Pepsi product. Though it retailed at $20.50 and sold out almost as quickly as it was put on the internet shelves, the high demand for the coveted bottle has put it on the secondary market between $400 - $600.

5. The 30th Anniversary Back to the Future Trilogy Blu-Ray

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the film, Universal re-released an amazing medley of Back to the Future goodness in the Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Trilogy. This Blu-Ray package will help you relive and in most cases experience a new side of the movie. Jam packed with hours of bonus footage and all three films remastered in HD you also get:

  • Tales from the Future 6-Part Documentary
  • The Physics of Back to the Future
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Michael J. Fox Q&A
  • Behind-the-Scenes Footage
  • And much much more!

Whether you're looking to have this in your collection or archive it for your future children -- this is a MUST have for all fanboys.

BONUS: Nike Air Mags

Due to ever-growing demand for the Nike Air Mags, top Nike designer Tinker Hatfield set off on a journey to bring the silver-screen concept shoe to life. Hatfield spent countless hours on the shoe and reportedly had to start over three times. In 2011, Hatfield finally perfected the design with an internal battery to cause the shoes to light up and decided to limit the release to 1,500 pairs. All shoes were sold as part of an auction to raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation (all sales along with philanthropist matching raised over $9 million dollars). You can find these shoes on the secondary market around $3,000 - $15,000.

With the recent announcement of the 2015 Air Mags, we can expect another auction to occur -- this time the Air Mags will come with the power laces. More details will reveal themselves as the months roll over to 2016.

Under the facade of a linear time-travel film that takes place in four completely different historical years and turns an otherwise normal everyday car to one that breaks the time horizon by going 88 MPH lies at it's core a simple film about simple ideals: friendships that last beyond time, the idea that your destiny (or density if you're George McFly) is defined by key moments in your life, and the belief that your future is whatever you make it. Back to the Future in it's essence is a movie about time travel that will forever remain timeless.


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