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Katrina Stagg

Attention, Instagram users! Ever wonder what makes people heart your pics? Is it humor, hashtag, composition, content, or is it just the filter?! Unless you're Taylor Swift, you may not being getting a cool million likes every time you post a selfie or adorable cat photo, but maybe we can boost those likes with the right stuff this Halloween.

The team over at Halloween Express has searched through 32,000 Instagram posts for costume mentions to find out what gets the most likes. Here's what they found out:

Choose wisely depending on your whereabouts

Although some classics are still topping the charts in a few states (like ghosts in Maryland and witches in North Dakota and Nebraska), movie characters seem to be the clear winners across the country. For example, E.T. Is the most liked costume according to this data, winning in 7 states. But, what I find surprising is that it has been the most liked costume since 2012. Which proves my theory: the 80's aren't making a come back...Baby, they never left!

A few more take aways:

Flatter yourself with the right filter!

Personally, I have a few trusty filters that I cycle through, but I may have to switch up my filter game for this year's Halloween shots.

(Source: Halloween Express)


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