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As we head into the final weeks before the release of [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158), the fandom is up to its knees in speculation and excitement. But sometimes, it's better to just slow down, look back, and appreciate the beginning of it all. Here's a great collection of Star Wars photos to get you through your day—and, if you want, the dialogue-free version of the music from the latest Force Awakens trailer.

First, a look at the opening crawl for Empire Strikes Back -- as it was originally filmed:

via Peter Mayh
via Peter Mayh

George Lucas with the plethora of props from Star Wars.

The best prom photo ever:

via Peter Mayhew
via Peter Mayhew

Remember that first cast reading picture from The Force Awakens? Here's where it all started:

via Peter Mayhew
via Peter Mayhew

Harrison Ford reminds us why Han Solo is so beloved:

The AT-AT models get ready for battle. Cat-sized, they're basically my kind of pet:

Carrie Fisher takes a break from being a straight-up boss on Hoth:

Threepio might have annoyed Han, but our favorite scoundrel still helped him out:

Mark Hamill gets ready to jump "on to an AT-AT":

... and then "lands" on Jabba's barge cruiser in the next film!

via Peter Mayhew
via Peter Mayhew

Han was supposed to fix the hyperdrive, but he just goofed off instead:

Leia consoles Luke and gives Threepio some people pants:

via Peter Mayhew
via Peter Mayhew

As a short person, I feel for C-3PO here. People do this to me all the time!

Tarkin being far more kind to Luke than he was to Leia:

via Peter Mayhew
via Peter Mayhew

We call them the Big Three:

A kind man provides C-3PO with an oil straw:

One from the Skywalker Family Album:

Leia NEVER misses her target. Except maybe this time:

Remember how all of the Clone Troopers in the prequels were CGI? Well...

12 year old Warwick Davis was ready for a role in Top Gun:

Running a rebellion is tiring...

... but when you've got a team like this, the job will get done no matter what.

May the Force be with You!


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