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The Story:

Thea and Laurel show up at Nanda Parbat with Sara's corpse. Laurel there to bring her sister back and Thea wanting to find out how to stop her blood lust. Both Malcolm and Nyssa warn them that what Thea is going through is nothing compared to what will happen if Sara is resurrected. Nyssa tells Laurel that Sara would come back a monster and the best thing to do is let go. Malcolm tells Thea that she must kill in order to get rid of the blood lust and sends two of his men to attack her, whom she is forced to kill. Upset, Thea tells Laurel that they are going to leave, when Malcolm gives in and agrees to bring Sara back. They go ahead and bring her back using the pit, but she is feral, so they have her locked up. Angered by their decision, Nyssa destroys the pit much to Malcolm's dismay. Meanwhile, back at Star City, Diggle and Oliver track down a meta human named Jeremy Tell. Hired by Darhk to get rid of Green Arrow, Tell's ability to throw energized cards which come from his body tattoos, injures Oliver. Diggle, continues to tail Tell's boss Mina Fayad, who had sent Floyd Lawton to kill his brother. After failing to kill Green Arrow, Damian kills Mina with one of Tell's cards, for lashing out at him. Oliver and Diggle decide to work together to find Mina and Tell. They are too late and find Mina dead and Tell on his way back to Central City. They are able to stop him and their friendship seems to be fixed. Despite not getting any new information on H.I.V.E. Oliver promises to keep helping Diggle in finding out the truth. In the flashbacks Oliver is shown torturing the prisoners of Reiter's, saving them from being killed. They are being used to harvest a hybrid drug for him.

The Action:

The fights between Arrow and Tell aka Double Down were done pretty well. Oliver held out pretty well on his own against a meta, but Tell got a couple of good hits on him. In the end though, it was Diggle who beat the man senseless.

Thea actually gave into her blood lust and killed two assassins sent by Malcolm. Seeing that she is already messed up in the head, I'm not so sure that in order to get rid of the problem is to have her kill people.

We get to see some more of Darhk's mystical powers at work again when he stopped Double Down from killing him. He then offs Mrs. Fayad with a card to the neck. What a way to go.

Felicity firing an automatic weapon is one of the funniest things I've seen on this show. It deserves a spot on here though because she was trying to protect Curtis from Double Down.

New Characters/Cameos:

Jeremy Tell a.k.a Double Down: First off J.R. Bourne is amazing. Love him in everything he's been in. Yeah he was just a villain of the week, but at least he didn't die. We may not see him any time soon, but down the line he'll turn back up. They actually did a pretty good job on making him like his comic book counterpart. It was a little disgusting, but it worked. Throw in some corny punchlines and you've got a pretty solid bad guy.

Curtis Holt: This dude is the man. He's smart, funny and I can't wait to see hom suit up eventually. Now that he knows about Felicity, could he be another addition to Team Arrow. He has proved to be able to keep a secret and they could definitely use his tech expertise to upgrade their arsenal. It's like their version of Cisco.

Mina Fayad: Mr. Tell's employer looks to have been the last link to Diggle finding out why his brother was killed. She was the one who sent Floyd Lawton to assassinate his brother. She got killed off pretty quickly and went out in a pretty horrible way.

Character Interactions:

Team Arrow -It was about time, but we've finally got the team back together in this one. All it took was a card throwing meta human to get the O.T.A (Original Team Arrow) as Felicity put it, to set their differences aside and let bygones be bygones. Sure it was pretty much just a two man team with Felicity as the brains, but they managed to get the job done. We also get closer to the real reason as to why Diggle's brother was killed.

Oliver and Diggle- Things started off pretty rocky in the beginning, but we knew that they would have to get over it eventually. Finally the bad vibes between these two are gone, so let's move forward. We can all thank Felicity for that.

Curtis and Felicity- Curtis finally knows what his employer does after office hours and he could not be more happy about it. The scenes with these two were funny even though they were nearly killed by Double Down. With all that they have revealed about his character in this episode, could we be seeing him suit up as Mister Terrific soon?

Thea and Malcolm- These two have the most dysfunctional father and daughter relationship, but you can't help but root for them to patch things up. Malcolm showed us the reason as to why he came to be, so you know he wasn't always a bad guy. You can see it in his eyes that he really does want to be there for his daughter and that he wants to help her. He would do anything, and in his case, that's never a good thing.

Laurel and Nyssa- We all know everybody wants Sara back, but judging from how Thea came back, didn't seem look like a good idea. Thea wasn't even fully dead and turned out to be blood thirsty crazy person. Imagine what would happen bringing back the dead....and that's exactly what we get to see. Poor Sara is even more worse off than Thea and they will have to deal with the aftermath.

Easter Eggs:

T-Sphere: Felicity is show throwing a little ball around while meeting with Curtis. Although it's a prototype it doesn't take a genius to recognize that it was one of his T-spheres. One main component of Mr. Terrific's arsenal.

Ray Palmer: When Felicity looks at her phone,it looks like some matrix action is going on there. If you look closely at the background of the phone, you see it is blue and the text bearing her name is red. These are the colors of Atom and that's who I think it contacting her. Atom is known in the comics to shrink down and actually ride phone lines to his destination and we already know he will be going tiny in Legends of Tomorrow. This could be Ray stuck in the microverse trying to contact Felicity.

What's To Come/Theories:

In the preview for the next episode we've got Sara tied up about to be picked off by her own father. I swear Lance, this is this last straw. Laurel went to great lengths to bring her back and if you kill her because Damian said so, you have lost the little respect I have left for you. It also looks like we are going to get a little verbal beat down between Oliver and Lance. Will Team Arrow be able to bring Sara and Thea back to normal, or will someone have to step in? Constantine, you can't come soon enough my man! We will have to see.

Final Thoughts:

Each episode has progressively gotten better and better. The show has introduced many interesting characters and have definitely stepped up their game in the writing department. I would say with this episode, they are going in the right direction. What did you think about this episode? Be sure to leave your comments down below, we'd love to read them!


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