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So, I have a system for fall TV. I have it down to a science. I compile what shows I want to give a chance based on trailers, hype, early reviews, my personal interest, etc.

Then, they get three weeks. Three episodes (or 4 if they have a long pilot). These shows get three weeks to hook me in.

So, here are the shows I gave a shot this year:


Minority Report



The Grinder

Scream Queens

Heroes Reborn

Note: Supergirl is also on this list, but hasn't premiered at the time of writing.

What I kept:

Quantico: Now this is how you do a pilot. Holy crap. A really intriguing premise, great acting, and a super twisty plot. It moves at a breakneck pace that you can barely keep up with, but that's what makes it so intriguing. I tune in always excited to see what's next.

Muppets: I know this has gotten mixed reviews, but it has garnered a couple of laugh out loud moments from me. It's also just really nice to see the Muppets again. And maybe it's just me, but I find seeing the Muppets hungover absolutely hilarious.

Scream Queens: Oh. My. God. I love this show. It's like Mean Girls and American Horror Story had a baby. A hilarious, borderline not cable appropriate baby. The cast commits fully to this ridiculous premise and quick paced, pop culture ridden dialogue, and that's what sells it. You really cannot beat Jamie Lee Curtis as the dean of students. Like Quantico, this show keeps you truly guessing.

What I gave up on:

Minority Report: I like the original movie, and this seemed cool, taking place after the movie and focusing on the pre-cogs, but in the end, there was nothing intriguing enough to keep me wanting to come back. It was just fine. Fine.

Blindspot: This is easily one of the most hyped about shows. And I thought it was also just ok. The premise was intriguing, and the acting was pretty good, but I just didn't care about any of the characters. And I particularly didn't connect with the male lead. They also used a couple of the same tropes in multiple episodes. Like "guy who knows her starts to tell her something, but then he dies" was used twice in the same episode. In the end, meh.

Heroes: I had such hopes. But it just doesn't live up to the original. In almost any aspect. The writing is especially not up to par. It comes off clunky. So sad.

The Grinder: This should have been the next best sitcom. Really funny and original premise, great actors, but it's the writing that kind of lets it down. It's funny, but not laugh out loud funny. Such a shame, because this could have been great.

What do you all think. Agree? Disagree? Let's talk!


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