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Starting from the beginning
Clare Dunsford

A Small Review

Doctor Who Classic.

(I reviewed the older pilot for the classic doctor who in much more detail on my page, want to see that, go for it!)

This new pilot has far more information in it that the older pilot I reviewed in greater detail, making sure we understand more about where the Doctor and Susan came from, it also alludes to that their run aways maybe? For some reason they can not return to their own planet, its not burned down yet (shhhh)

The Doctor is far less creepy in this pilot but also less mysterious which I don't really like however he seems very, very smug and arrogant in this pilot than the old one but I happen to like that about him more.

Negative- My favorite scene seems to have vanished, Susan seems far more human and less odd, noooo (Sad face)

Positive- But Susan still has that passion for humans and sensitive side to her I like and seems like she is the Doctor's moral compass, a bit like Clara is to Peter Capaldi's Doctor.

Ian and Barbra haven't changed and I'm interested to find out more about Barbra, yeah, bye, bye Ian. Sorry you bore me a little- okay a lot...

That's it for now.

Next the second episode, big detailed review, like the first one, should be fun! xxxxxx


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