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We almost have all our heroes for the Justice League film coming in 2017, but there's still one hero that we don't know about. That hero is Green Lantern. Honestly WB/DC have been hush hush on Green Lantern, other than announcing his solo film scheduled to come in 2020. I mean, there isn't even an actor cast to play the role and Justice League is set to start shooting early next year. So, as of right now it's only up to us to keep up the Green Lantern speculation, as Warner Bros. surely isn't updating us on the Emerald Knight. Here's how to introduce Green Lantern into the DC movie world:

1. Make him young and inexperienced

By the time we get to the Justice League, most of the members will be battle hardened and will have tons of experience. But that doesn't mean everybody has to be a Batman or Wonder Woman level veteran in battle. Introducing Hal as a young Lantern who hasn't been in any major battles yet and is still coming around as a Green Lantern would do wonders in terms of storytelling. He could be that young hotshot who thinks he is the greatest thing to come to the planet but when he fights foes that are a force to be reckoned with, he feels overpowered and is lost.

2. Give him a cocky, brave, and arrogant personality

This is essential, believe it or not, if Hal is to be a member of the Justice League. Have him make snarky comments, be full of arrogance and have him be a bit narcissistic. Pretty much base Hal off of his New 52 counterpart as he is literally all these things. Hal Jordan having this type of personality could lighten up the mood and add a different dimension to the Team. He is a complex character and could bring a different dimension, as opposed to John Stewart's seriousness. But never forget to add Hal's no fear attitude as well, because that's probably his best overall character trait.

3. Introduce Hal and Barry's relationship

Hal Jordan and Barry Allen have one of the best relationships in all of comics. Their relationship is very dynamic and the two play off each other a lot. It's actually very reminiscent of a buddy cop relationship from a '90s film. Think of these two as how you saw Steve Rogers and Tony Stark in the Avengers film, of course with a little less yelling and fighting, of course. These two would provide an excellent layer to the Justice League film and the group as a whole. Most of the members of the group will be serious and stern, so having these two lighten the mood would be great. This is an essential part if Hal Jordan is to be a member of the League.

4. Rivalry with Batman

Hal Jordan and Batman have consistently butted heads over the years, but the respect level is certainly high. They rarely ever see eye to eye on most things, as Hal thinks Batman is a pain in the ass while Batman is paranoid about the Lantern Corp because he doesn't have any info on them and they don't feel fear (Batman's most powerful weapon). Seeing as we're going to get an older Batman in the DC movie-verse, it would be perfect to have a young, cocky Hal Jordan fight with an experienced Batman. It would provide a nice dynamic as Batman would point out many flaws in Hal's way of handling things and so forth, as Hal would just likely make noticeable attempts to jab at Batman. Think of these two as the having short-lived dynamic between Hawkeye and Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

5. Earth based Lantern

I know I know, most of Hal's best storylines come from the galaxy and he is more of a space Lantern anyway. But in order to effectively introduce him into the Justice League, he might need to be more of a starting out Lantern than an Earth-focused one. It would be easier to explain that way, rather than having him be strictly a space Lantern and somehow, someway find his way into being a member of the Justice League. John could take his place in the Justice League if the wanted Hal to be space bound, but I'd rather see Hal in that role, no offense to the John Stewart character.

Who knows when Warner Bros. will announce what's going on with GL or when they will even announce an actor to be cast in the role (if they haven't already cast it). Almost all of the members have been cast other than Lantern and news on him being in the DC cinematic world has basically been non-existent other than during this past summer. Justice League starts filming real soon, so hopefully we get news on GL soon regardless of who will be the Lantern. Personally, I like Hal the most and think this is the best way to introduce him into this newly made movie universe. Patience is a virtue, I guess.

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