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There is no doubt that Hollywood has had a problem recently. Unnecessary sequels and reboots have been thrown at us, as the creative minds behind the industry seem to be running out of ideas. While we all acknowledge the issues that this presents, another problem has arisen. Now, whenever a sequel is announced, fans complain and assume the worst. It is true that many of the recent sequels/reboots have disappointed, but I believe that the idea, in itself, isn't bad, just the franchises that have been chosen. Many are just too old to be relevant anymore (Dumb and Dumber To, Zoolander 2, etc), and others have been redone so many times that we are sick of them (Fantastic Four, Spiderman, etc).

Here are four franchises that I want to see come back to the big screen. The requirements I set are:

  • The most recent movie in the franchise must be less than 10 years old
  • No reboots or sequels to reboots
  • No more than 2 existing movies in the franchise

Jumper 2

Jumper (2008), was one of my favorite movies growing up. Hayden Christensen delivered, surprisingly, a compelling performance as the protagonist, David Rice, and Samuel L. Jackson was great as the villain. Jumper only has one movie so far in the franchise, and yet that one contained more than enough lore to provide a good story for a sequel. I mean, dudes can teleport!

A sequel could explore the history and origins of other jumpers, alongside David as he seeks to discover as much as he can.

Kick-Ass 3

Kick-Ass is one of my favorite movies of all time. It is absolutely ridiculous, but in such a way that it's both hilarious and compelling. I honestly can't even think of another movie to compare it to. It is so unique and amazing.

When Kick-Ass 2 flopped, however, most assumed that the franchise was dead. The actors (Chloë-Grace Moretz and Aaron Taylor Johnson, mainly) were growing too old for their roles, and high-budget superhero movies were taking all of the potential viewers. These reasons, among others, have led us to believe that the chances of getting a third Kick-Ass, are zero.

I hope that this train of thought is wrong. The end of Kick-Ass 2 led perfectly into a second sequel, as Dave Lizewski begins real training and finally seems adequate to become a real superhero. He gets a new costume (an actually cool looking one), and the movie seems intent on leading into another story. If that is the last we see of Kick-Ass, I will be very disappointed!

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil 2

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is, in my opinion, home to some of the funniest scenes in cinema history. While it is listed under the genre of horror, that is part of what makes it so great. The whole movie is a parody of multiple genres, and is flawless in its attempt. Actors Alan Tudyk (Tucker) and Tyler Labine (Dale) have both expressed interest in coming back for a sequel, under the condition that "whatever script we do end up with is really, really great, but if it’s not, it’s not going to get made. We don’t want to ruin any integrity that the original film has."

This is a very different frame of thought than most sequels, which are mostly cash grabs and are made with little to no regard for the fan base and their expectations. All signs point to this movie being made and made well, which is sweet music to my ears and the ears of any other fan of the 2010 cult hit.

Movie 44

Yes, Movie 43 is widely regarded as one of the worst (if not THE worst) movies of all time. Yes, it has no comprehensible plot and is literally just a bunch of offensive, vulgar sketches. Yes, I want to see a sequel.

Let's be honest, though. The idea behind this movie is just plain awesome. Assembling a huge cast of Hollywood All-stars into a series of funny sketches is a great idea! Multiple sketches would appeal to multiple fanbases, and having such big time actors/actresses would allow us to add some credibility to the movie.

While the idea of the first one was good, the execution obviously wasn't. Get some good sketch writers (Key and Peele, Tosh.0, for example), and give them quality actors to work with, and I think we would all be pleased with the outcome.


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