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With the release of Cinderella earlier this year and the pending arrival of Beauty and the Beast in 2017 there's been a ton of buzz about which Disney couple will get the next makeover and - more importantly - who will portray them. After extensive research, here are my results. Enjoy!

Emma Stone - Merida

With her crazy personality and pale beauty, Emma can channel that wild highland spirit that Merida is famous for. She has proved that she has both the confidence and the tenderness to embody the Scottish princess, and even bring a little maturity to Merida's girlish ways.

And to play Merida's closest friend and confidant, who better than...

Jason Momoa - Angus

Jason captures the powerful essence of Angus, Merida's trusted Clydesdale that accompanies her on her adventures. His strong and commanding presence make him the perfect companion for Emma's wild sweetness.

Keke Palmer - Tiana

Like Tiana, Keke is vivacious and headstrong in equal measure. Her spunk and energy are the perfect conduit for Tiana's determination to fulfill her dream of opening a restaurant.

And look who's fresh off the boat from Maldonia!

Corbin Bleu - Naveen

Corbin's easy manner and incredible cheekbones make him ideal for Naveen. He might come across as a player, but deep down there's a sweet, vulnerable guy waiting to be discovered.

Amanda Seyfried - Rapunzel

Besides her beautiful large green eyes and glorious blonde hair, Amanda's innocence makes her perfect for the part of Rapunzel. Her soft demeanor makes her almost childlike, while her feisty attitude enables her to roll with the punches.

And her dashing, smoldering thief is none other than...

Sam Claflin - Flynn Rider

Sam's playfulness and strong presence matches Flynn's completely, while his passion and gentleness can bring a little something more for the grownups watching. And honey, his nose is on point.

Tiffany Dupont - Jasmine

Tiffany's aura evokes images of the warm sands and beautiful city that Jasmine calls home. With Jasmine potentially holding the title of the most sensual Disney princess, it seems only right that a bright and smoldering actress bring her to life.

Make way, here he comes, ring the bells, bang the drums...

Booboo Stewart - Aladdin

Booboo exudes the passion that comprises such a huge part of Aladdin's personality. I can see him both running from the royal guards through the streets of Agrabah and flying a magic carpet right up to Jasmine's balcony, the consummate prince.

Nicole Kidman - Ariel

While Nicole might be considered a little old for the part of a teenage mermaid, her charm and playful spirit shows that she and Ariel have a lot in common. She can give depth and complexity to the love-struck girl's character without sacrificing the wonder and joy of Ariel's exploration of the human world.

And playing the part of dreamy prince...

Henry Cavill - Eric

With those piercing eyes and chiseled jaw, Henry is the Prince Eric we always wanted. Whether he's chasing his dog down the beach or battling a giant sea witch, Henry is definitely up to the task.

Ashley Benson - Aurora

You might be hard-pressed to find a girl that lives up to Aurora's famed beauty, but Ashley Benson rises to the challenge effortlessly. With her strong personality and superior acting skills, Ashley has the most creative freedom out of all of the girls on the list since Aurora has only fifteen lines during the entire original film.

And who gets to awaken this beauty?

Aaron Taylor Johnson - Phillip

While Phillip seems clean-cut and chivalrous Aaron is fierce and sexy, which could bring much to the table to deepen Phillip's persona. Aaron's passion and determination would make him a killer Phillip and the perfect person to awaken Ashley from Maleficent's spell.

So we're left with this question: which Disney couple will get a remake next? Personally I'm rooting for The Little Mermaid, but I want to hear from you! Tell me what you think in the comments - let's get this discussion going!


Which casting was the most on point?


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