ByCandice Jones, writer at

Sorry Amber Rose, But your head don't fit your body lmao.... 1st of all you have a huge body and a little head.. your remind me of Beetle juice where his head is way to small for his body. Second of all, Who cares if Kim Kardashian made a sex tape? I would took that shit is HOT! At least people know she's great in bed. Are you jealous hun? That Kanye could make her a wife and not you? And the mother of his children?! Cause looks like you are. He made you a fool in public! An about the bedroom haha. So instead of being a hateful, looks like a man, jealous Girl. Embrace Kim K. You would probably be a lot prettier to people if you did lmao. But no you look like a man with no hair which is god awful (women are supposed to have long hair, not nappy no hair), with beautiful curves. Just not as amazing as Kim k. Curves!! Who is needy and jealous! Girl you look desperate! Quite frankly everyone I know thinks your a Tranny just saying.. learn how to be beautiful on the inside an maybe god will start blessing you with Age....mmmmmm(thinking face) no maybe not even then.. haha. I would totally make a sex tape with my man an no shame what so ever. She didn't set out to be exposed, you on the other hand had all sorts of men down your drawls for $$ STAY CLASSY, NOT TRASHY! Props to you Khloe K. It takes a lot these days to stand up for what's right! Let Amber Rose keep on hating. Cause the only femalish thing about her that wasn't paid for was her name which is probably fake too. Just Saying.


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