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What a royalty episode of "Rise of a ranger"!!!!!!!

I could never imagine how we have a new ranger

coming! And this is what i'm excited about.

This one has tons of action fighting,

courage, excitement & awesome morphing sequence

of how all 7-rangers (Tyler, Chase, Koda, Riley, Shelby, Ivan & Prince Phillip)

did! I love their "all 7" morph, it's my favorite morphing sequence!

"Unleash the power!"
"Unleash the power!"
All 7-rangers!
All 7-rangers!

What i also love about this episode is that how

Prince Phillip realize is that it's not about the charity

or opening the park for the kids to have a good & kind heart,

it's about the bravery & courage to face the danger

on your sacrifice. Even though that he still have his

royal responsibilities to take care of, he will return

to help. But i would like to see him more on the show.

Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome episode!!!!!!!!!!!

Prince Phillip: Graphite Ranger.
Prince Phillip: Graphite Ranger.

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