ByMark Jackson, writer at

I agree with hawkeye because of the pure fact he doesn't want to waste his time on something that doesn't concern him .. He has his family his career his life so he doesn't feel the need to stand up for a bunch if womEn who want more each day cause there famous .. My opinion is worry about paying more to the public men and woman in normal jobs first yeno those people who are on 10 to 15 p/h that makes more sense to me .. This new law to increase basic wage is retarted why pay the people with no skill or passion in there jobs ? Yeno the lazy people who piss off the staff who actually made a career out of there jobs yeah? Focus on what matters people fuck the rich wanting to get richer .. Pure greed✋ if I had the kin if cash these actresses had id spend it on opening more hospitals where there is enough staff with real professionals .. Restaurants where the chefs like myself get to cook the food they are passionate about all the time.. Buy land to preserve the endangered animals where park rangers can be well staffed and look over the animals we an land that is fighting a losing battle each day .. So as I said tenner is right not his problem ✋ or as my head chef says not my circus not my monkeys


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