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We've had our ups and downs in the apocalypse genre. From Day of the Triffids- the 2009 epic mini-series which combines a mostly blind world (due to an eclipse) and carnivorous plants- to the many ridiculous SyFy flops such as Stonehenge Apocalypse- a hilariously serious movie which introduces the idea of Stonehenge being an alien artefact (or something like that, I may have fallen asleep in the middle.)

However with Sky 1's You, Me and the Apocalypse, it is the simplicity of the story line and the way it is delivered that drives it home. The opening to every episode is introduced by Jamie, a former bank manager. When the world is declared to be ending, he sets off on a journey with his best friend and flat mate Dave to find his twin Ariel (that he had no idea existed) and his missing wife. Though many people prefer to skip the opening, finding it repetitive and boring after two episodes, the opening to You, Me and the Apocalypse actively stops you by introducing some new characters each episode. And because the opening takes place in a bunker underneath Slough, this means that the characters introduced are alive. This is a clever tactic that has you watching from start to finish and rooting for your favourite characters to be the next ones introduced in the bunker.

This was the only video I could really get of the opening. But in the first 40 seconds of the video, everything is laid down. In my opinion Sky immediately establishes itself as ready to pack the punches. They are ready to approach subjects that many would shy from in media. Homosexuality, cross-dressing and white supremacy (more on that in a second) and I'm only on the 4th episode!

Now on to why Sky why I consider Sky to be really ballsy. We are introduced to Leanne, played by Megan Mullally

And yes. That is a Swastika tattooed onto her forehead. She becomes friendly with our second main character Rhonda who is (briefly) in an all woman's jail in New Mexico after taking the blame for her son (Spike) after he hacked in to the government.

Rhonda and Leanne aren't very friendly (understandable) even after Leanne admits that the tattoo is just to keep fellow inmates away from her. Though she is still a white supremacist. This is a very bold subject for Sky to introduce for obvious reasons. I can't find myself getting angry at all at the blatant hate that Leanne harbours and maybe it's because Sky shows Leanne as a human, just like every other character in the series or maybe there is some underhanded clever tactic they've employed, but either way, Leanne seems to be staying.

I can't really delve in to the other topics without giving away major spoilers and I want to keep this Spoiler free and mostly a promotional post. I would highly recommend You, Me and the Apocalypse for the characters you'll love to hate and hate to love. There are so many characters I haven't mentioned in this list and so much that the show has to offer. So far it hasn't been too gory or sexual which is always a plus. I haven't even gotten in to the unique way in which Sky handles religion in this series (which I will do in a separate post including spoilers!)

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or just want to express your love/hate of the series, I'm always open to criticism (if you're polite!)

Sinfully handsome Father Jude.
Sinfully handsome Father Jude.


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