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After hours of research, I found that different websites were saying different celebs were more charitable than others with no clear indication of who is the most generous . So this article is based on the celebrities that were most commonly mentioned on all websites that I viewed. There are so many personalities that donate to their chosen charities but unfortunately I could only research so many, so here are my findings.

Guess Who?

Its John Cena!!!!


Mid way through 2015, WWE Superstar John Cena granted his 500th wish to the "Make A Wish Foundation" for sick kids. These wishes were from children in-need who's dying wish was to meet their hero John Cena. Usually other celebrities usually grant about 100-200 wishes but nobody has granted as many wishes as John Cena.

Stephen Amell:

You Have NOT Failed This World!
You Have NOT Failed This World!

Arrow star Stephen Amell was not on many websites but I have noticed lately he has been doing a lot towards charities and fundraisers. He created a campaign in early 2015 called the "Sinseriously" campaign to support Stand for Silent and Paws & Stripes. In this campaign you could buy a Sinseriously shirt and all money would go towards those to organisations. Previously he created another campaign called F*ck Cancer and you could buy shirts with saying that on them. He offered a variety of different shirt colours with each colour representing a different cancer version (Breast, Colon, Skin ect) the money would go towards.

Miley Cyrus:

At least This Photo Isn't On A Wrecking Ball
At least This Photo Isn't On A Wrecking Ball

After supporting over 40 charities, singer/song writer Miley Cyrus has decided to launch her own charity called "Happy Hippie Foundation" to help raise awareness and raise money to assist homeless youths. Over the last year Cyrus has been campaigning for homelessness, even writing a letter to the New York Governor asking for a greater portion of the state’s budget to be spent on providing beds and other basic needs. "Click Here To Read The Full Article"


Singer/song writer Beyonce has helped support a little less than Miley with 31 charities she has raised money for. In addition to running fundraisers Beyonce has donated seven million dollars discreetly within the past few years towards a charity in Houston that helps to provide shelter, food, healthcare and counselling for the homeless.

Laverne Cox:

Mainly known as her role in Orange Is the New Black, Laverne Cox has helped charities to raise nearly $1.6 million for the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. This occurred at the 25th edition of the annual charity Burlesque Show Broadway Bares in February 2015. She also was a part of the "Go Red for Women runway show in Manhattan.

Paul Walker:

Before the tragic death of Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker, he was the founder of the ROWW (Reaching Out World Wide). ROWW is an organisation to help out when earthquakes and other natural disasters occur. The volunteers would help find people areas of devastation, aid the injured, and supply basic needs such as water and food.

Taylor Swift:

Singer/song writer Taylor Swift has played a huge role in charity work recently donating $50,000 to a young fan battling Leukaemia. The fund-raising site only accepted single donations up to $15,000, which meant Swift, whose own mother has been diagnosed with cancer, made four separate payments. Swift has topped the charts for most charitable celebrity in 2013 and 2014. She has given large sums of money towards schools, cancer kids and firefighters. She also gave a person in need almost $2000 to help pay off her school loan. Wow.

One Direction (BOOBY PRIZE)

For some reason, during my research these guys kept coming up. I don't know why, considering at one stage they declined going to a hospital for charity because they weren't getting paid for it. So apparently they are talking about making a charity for a better tomorrow, too bad about making a better today!


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