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WARNING. Spoilers of the latest Grey's Anatomy episode ahead.

It feels like I've seen ghost.

The moment Meredith Grey stand on the door to welcome Callie she was frozen in time for one second, a second that seemed to last a lifetime. That moment, she not only welcomed Callie to her house, she welcomed the woman partially responsible for the death of her husband, the father of her children, our beloved McDreamy, the one and only... Derek Shepherd.

If you thought Grey's Anatomy was going to let you enjoy a light and fun season, you were wrong. Drama is always around the corner in this incredible television masterpiece. And Thursday night was no exception.

To celebrate the 250 episode, we were delighted with an outside the hospital episode, one that welcomed Penny (Penelope Blake) to table at Meredith's house. And here is how things played out.

When Penny arrived at Meredith's house she practically begged Callie to leave, but Callie really wanted for Penny to know the people that are by association, Callie's family. And everyone was incredibly welcoming to Penny. Let's face it, the people at Sloan Grey Memorial are very good people. They are kind and loving and they enjoy the company of their peers, the value their profession and take proud on being mentors to other surgeons. Besides, it makes for good television to have some drama outside the hospital. And so this was the case.

Meredith smiled and pretended for a while, she started making Margaritas for the guests. Alex was the only one that noticed something was wrong, but he couldn't clearly point out what it was. He tried following Meredith around for a while, and it almost worked. She almost told him. But she couldn't.

Callie and the famous Penny interrupted them. Callie was leaving to take care of a patient, and Penny wanted to go with her, but Callie wasn't having that. She asked Penny to stay, and then, she even asked Meredith to take care of Penny. I'll write it once: Awkward.

Meredith accepted her terrible, horrible, really not very good night with the elegance of a queen. And she went to serve her guests to dinner. By this point, Bailey, Jackson and pretty much all the Sloan Memorial party have joined the night event and they were ready to eat April's home made delicious dinner.

Sadly they won't make it passed being seated.

Amelia sat next to Penny and on the other side of Penny sat... Meredith.

And facing Meredith across the table sat the new Chief, Miranda Bailey. Since being introduced to Penny earlier that night Miranda seemed to recall Miss Blake's name, but she couldn't figure it out until Penny revealed Penelope is her full legal name. Penelope Blake.

Penelope Blake with whom Miranda has a meeting on Monday. A meeting to show her to the hospital, show her to the hospital to welcome her to the hospital staff. She is a new resident.

That's it. The bomb has gone off and Dylan is erased from existence. George O'Malley has flatlined and Meredith stopped swimming. All at once Derek's last breath haunted Meredith's face and she burst it out in a furious voice that somehow is still calm: Penny, perfect Penny was Derek Sheppard Killer.

Everything went even more quiet, deadly quiet in an episode already lacking background music. The intensity of the stares, and the weight of every eye looking at Meredith, and then Penny and then back at Meredith was overwhelming.

Meredith left the table and Alex followed her to make sure she as ok. And as they left the room Amelia turned to Penny. Asking her details about the last moments of Derek on earth.

Penny tried to explain, she tried to not feeling she had to justify herself, but she knew that it sounded as she was making excuses. But life has no excuses and death has no turn back. She did what she thought she could do, and she couldn't save him. She tried and failed, and many of us have tried and failed, but usually lives don't depend on our choices, in her case, a life was lost, and we'll never going to get it back.

Amelia ran from the table shortly after Meredith, and she found Alex and her sister in law in the bedroom. There she exploded with resentment over her brother's death, and then Meredith exploded with agony towards having to support someone else's pain besides her own. She couldn't crumble, she has kids to live for.

Amelia ran to her room, and Owen found here there. In a beautiful exchange Owen made her see that no one is perfect, and she cradled in his arms, and all I could think of was... will Meredith ever have someone like this again. Someone that loves her and protect her. Someone who can take care of her. Someone that can balance with her taking care of others. Where's Christina Yang!?

Finally, almost at the end of the episode everyone was leaving Meredith's house. Everyone but Penny. In the last minute, she came out of the guest bathroom, and she used this opportunity to apologize to Meredith again. She told her how every day she thinks of Derek, and how seeing his face makes her try harder to being a better doctor. And with that Meredith told her before leaving... See you Monday.

That's it.

Welcome to Grey's Anatomy Penny Blake, let's hope you can survive a season on this show. Let's see if you can survive a shift with the talented and gifted wife of the marvelous neurosurgeon you were unlucky to oversee while he died.


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