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I love Marvel and DC comics, Disney and adventure movies.


I remember a quote at the beginning of the movie "Sometimes friends start as enemies and enemies start as friends." If you've seen pan you will know that Peter Pan and Captain ( James ) Hook started out as friends and sooner or later will into enemies. I'm wondering who is the 'friend that started out as an enemy'. My friend thinks that its the crocodile. I don't think its the crocodile, I might be thinking too deeply but I don't know how a crocodile can provide a friendship for Peter Pan. I've always thought of the crocodile as a side character. I think the friend that started out as an enemy is Blackbeard even though he 'dies' in the movie. Maybe he some how survives the ship crash and befriends Pan. I also just LOVED Hugh Jackman's performance as Blackbeard.


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