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It's the second season of How To Get Away With Murder and it couldn't be going better. Viola Davis has an Emmy in the bag and the show is unveiling a lot of dark secrets about its characters.

Annalise Keating has been in a stable relationship with a woman prior to marrying Sam and she doesn't seem to have lost her feelings for Nate. The lying has finally caught up with her and she's deciding to be upfront and honest (or lying about being honest) and confesses to Nate that Bonnie is the killer (even though she isn't).

Turns out Bonnie is way more interesting than I've thought her to be. She's ready to lie and go to jail for Annalise and uses her relationship with Asher to manipulate him into crushing his testimony. The most shocking factor of tonight's episode was Bonnie's past and the pain she endured as a child. We've all suspected that both Bonnie and Frank probably have some skeletons in their closets, but this was unexpected and deeply sad.

Wes is still trying to find Rebecca. Though he's not too far from the truth his obsession has gotten tedious and annoying. He has a tendency to trust the wrong people and Levi looks just as suspicious as Rebecca was so maybe he should just let it go (listen to Laurel damn it). It was nice that Michaela got a boytoy for a while, but Levi doesn't seem like the trustworthy type so maybe it's best that Frank set him up with some meth and got him arrested. Speaking of Frank, it's all so obvious that Frank and Laurel are deeply into each other, so why pretend guys?

Michaela and Connor's friendship has blossomed into a wonderful relationship, second to that of Coliver (only the greatest couple on TV). It's morbid to think that Connor could go to jail just as he told Oliver he loves him, but it's nice to know that Oliver didn't run for the door when Connor told him about the possibility of prison in his near future.

The cast is up to no good and Annalise is going to get shot somewhere in the near future (though it's obvious she survives). It's time to start pointing fingers at who killed the prosecutor and shot Annalise? Asher - eyeing you! Though no one is immune by this point (it could definitely be the puppy).

The clients are getting more interesting as well. The sociopath from last week was chilling and the brother and sister duo that is on trial for the murder of their parents is on point as well.

The stakes are getting higher and Annalise is finding it harder and harder to dig out of this mess. More players are coming into play and it's going to take some strategic thought to save everyone. Keep it coming HTGAWM, it's getting really good and if you're not watching, you should be.


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