ByMauricio Murillo, writer at

I agree completely with this article, Just the appearance of Jared Leto's Joker portrays complete insanity, and that's the Joker I want, that's the Joker people need the true Joker, the bipolar, deranged, sarcastic, sick, demented, and completely and utterly psychopathic, that's the real Joker, sure the cartoon and TV show were great but they didn't do justice to what Bob Kane and DC Comics intended the Joker to be at least not in my opinion, I mean sure we have to like the Joker we have to but it can't get to the point where we just see him as a clown DC made the Joker the way they made him with the intent of not only entertain people but also keeping people in suspense, and that's something that his previous incarnations haven't really done justice to or at least not entirely, so I'm excited to see Jared Leto's Joker because I think he's going to portray the Joker that the comic books set out to create the real Joker the straight up homicidal maniac and that's something we really haven't seen so I'm just really excited


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