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Before I begin, I'll just get the formalities out of the way:


Here we go.

Arrow has been delivering some good quality in season 4 so far. New players have entered the fray and old characters have been revitalised.

One of the major mysteries of the season though (besides the mystery of who is in the grave in Episode 1, as I covered HERE), is that of Damien Darhk. Who is he? Who are his "associates"? Who are the "ghosts"? I'm here to pose a theory which covers all those mysteries. So let's jump into another one of my theories

Who Are The Ghosts?

I believe the Ghosts are actually quite self-explanatory. They are the dead walking again. I got this idea when I saw one of the ghosts in the recent episode hesitate when he was about to kill Diggle. I believe this ghost was swapped out with another and the ghost that was about to kill Diggle was his brother Andy. This could definitely lead to some great character opportunities for Diggle. I believe Darhk got Andy killed just to get him resurrected as part of his army, training him in the ways of the League. He could've chosen Andy because of his skills as a bodyguard. Because he's in H.I.V.E, I feel like Andy will soon change into someone like Private H.I.V.E and operate as Damien's backup, making him an anti-Diggle.

Why This Theory Could Work Besides Points Covered:

  • As I mentioned earlier, there was the Ghost that hesitated when he went to kill Diggle. This could definitely be Andy. He would struggle to kill his brother, even through the conditioning. Although Diggle WAS wearing a mask, but maybe Andy could recognise his brother through it.
  • Darhk has an association with death, with the Lazarus Pit and something else I'll explain in my next question I ask
  • Darhk has been seen to enjoy playing games, so bringing Andy into the fray could definitely work for him.
  • It is heavily speculated that Diggle will become Guardian, and his helmet definitely suggests that, right up to the chinstrap.
  • The character of the Guardian was instead the supervillain Private HIVE in the Teen Titans tv show. Given how HIVE is appearing, and the connection with the Guardian, having Private H.I.V.E and Guardian as two separate characters would make them evenly matched in their brotherly fight.
  • Private HIVE was a member of the H.I.V.E five in Teen Titans, which I'll get into in my next point.

Who Are Damien's Associates?

I believe Damien's associates will be a threat on Arrow, but their leader needs to be sufficiently weakened before Oliver can even TRY to take him on. In terms of his associates? I'd assume it to be other members of H.I.V.E. For fans of the Teen Titans animated series, this could be a sort of "H.I.V.E Five" team. In terms of magic, Darhk would be playing the role of Jinx. One of these "associates" could be comicbook character Adeline Wilson (who would be able to be introduced because of her connection to Slade Wilson) and possibly even Zoom. In fact, one might have already been taken down after he went freelance. This could very well be Brother Blood from Season 2. Basically, Green Arrow would have to deal with Darhk's associates first before Darhk could come to the fore. Green Arrow could defeat the associates and then go after Dahrk. At this point, the show follows the comics and Dahrk is killed by none other than the real boss of H.I.V.E......


Savage proves to be too strong for Green Arrow. He wants to call on The Flash, but Savage has already beaten him (as Savage is set to appear on The Flash soon). This is when Oliver and Flash assemble a team to take down Savage. This team is the Legends of Tomorrow.

Now, after this, the story could go two ways: One, Savage could end up being taken down by the Legends of Tomorrow or his regime could fall (as the team takes down his power throughout time) and then Green Arrow, him and Flash, or him, Flash and the Legends could team up in a final fight against Savage. He HAS been handled as a Justice League villain before. I think it will go the first way, and then Darhk can come back as the Big Bad. Darhk comes back to life like he does in the comics when he's killed by Vandal Savage. He does this by accepting the blood of Adeline. He comes back with a vengeance, promising that he's not playing around anymore, thus reasserting himself as a threat. He could then play his card, which is none other than Private H.I.V.E (Andy Diggle).

Why This Theory Could Work Besides Points Covered:

  • Darhk has been seen to be doing a blood ritual of some sort. Savage has been known to use blood rituals to maintain his immortality (if only briefly in the New 52). Darhk could be sacrificing his blood for Savage.
  • There needs to be a way for Green Arrow and The Flash to discover Savage's existence and create the Legends to beat him
  • It follows the comics

Who Is Damien Darhk?

I believe Damien Darhk is a former member of the League who was inspired by Vandal Savage to become a ruler. Neal McDonough, who plays Darhk, has said that he appears in the past in Legends of Tomorrow and "he's not as confident and doesn't have such an agenda forty years ago that he does now". Having said that he looks "exactly the same in 1975", we can assume that Darhk steeps himself in mysticism back then, in order to serve Savage. After beating the Green Arrow, he moves on to the Flash, who he beats swiftly. Green Arrow trains. Savage kills Darhk. Darhk comes back and Green Arrow takes him on with the help of Team Arrow.

So, what do you think will happen? What is Damien's agenda? Is he connected to Savage? Who are the Ghosts? Will Andy return? Do you have your own bonkers theory? Let's talk about it in the comments

Thanks for reading!

Updates (may or may not be spoilers, so make sure you're up to date before clicking)

Update 1 : A new Wilson has been suggested to appear on Arrow soon. Could my Adeline Wilson part of the theory end up correct?

Update 2 : The trailer for Episode 7 shows that Andy Diggle is a Ghost. This part of the theory is officially CONFIRMED!


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