ByWesley Cooksey, writer at

I like batman but damn, all the time crying about something. He's a spoiled little self intitled brat. Thinks he always knows better... He makes it really hard to like him. I mean ok someone killed your parents... Supermans entire world was literally destroyed. Hell, he never even got to meet his real parents and you don't see him crying about it. Everyone acts like batman is so cool but let's take a look at the people how really know him. 1. Robin (Grayson) -said the hell with this guy I'm better off on my own. 2. Robin (Todd) tortured and killed by a man batman had plenty of chances to kill and stop for good. Now where is Jason Todd sick of batman and half outta his mind. But was that enough to tell batman maybe he should rethink his approach on things? Well, let's ask batgirl... Oh that's right she's probably in physical therapy right now cuz the joker ( the guy he refuses to kill) shot her in the spine! Well let's not forget 3. robin number 3 (drake) where is he? Probably in the bat cave twiddling his thumbs because despite all the times he's saved batmans ass he's "having to sit this one out" cuz Mr I'm to good for a sidekick is too proud to ask for help, until he's on the verge of death and the situation has already spun outta control. Yeah, now it's safe... All that aside think about bane for a min, or what about croc... Yeah, how many times has ole Bruce has his ass handed to by them? A fight with those guys to superman would but about as challenging as a mma heavy weight vs a 12 with a blue belt from a after school karate class. Superman could stand still with all of batmans most challenging brawlers and think he was in a tickle fight. If this was any kind of reality there would be no more a challenge between superman and batman there is between man and cockroach. I hope to see batman be humbled. But as always the in vs movies the fight will end in some vague manner leaving the audience to debate among themselves as to who REALLY won.


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