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He's ready to shove his foot up Hydra's a**! Kurtwood Smith will be joining the cast of Agent Carter, in Los Angeles/Hollywood, for it's sophomore season!

(Image credit: CBR)
(Image credit: CBR)

Hot off it's exciting first season, The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Marvel's Agent Carter has cast none other than Kurtwood Smith (who we all know and love as "Red" Forman from That '70s Show) in a major recurring role, for their second season. (H/T to Heroic Hollywood)

Not many details have been revealed about his role, but THR reports that Smith will play Vernon Masters, "a veteran of the War Department with a keen understanding of how to work the system."

Totally not true.
Totally not true.

Although there is no set date when the series returns, or when we will be able to see Kurtwood Smith debut his kickass character, I impatiently await the return of Agent Carter, in 2016!


Are you excited to see "Red" enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe and kick some bad-guy a**?


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