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My name is Wendy, I live in Los Angeles living one day at a time. I like to write about my dreams because they are out of this world!
Wendy Rodriguez

Last night I experienced another Nightmare. It seemed so real because the setting was in the same room I sleep in.

In my nightmare I was sleeping in my own bed, the one I share with my fiancé, only instead of him, my sister was sleeping next to me. In my nightmare I awoke. I turned over to see my sister was next to me. Then I look straight ahead and I see a woman in white, floating above parallel to my bed. This woman has been in my nightmares before. Tonight she is wearing a white gown, it looks like a hospital gown. The gown is stained with what looks like vomit on her chest. Her hair is curly and golden brown, I can't see her face because it's covered by her hair. I am really frightened and I look over to my sister, as I try to scream for her to wake up, I can't! I am trying to get the screams or words out of my mouth but it seems impossible. I look at the woman again and she begins to float towards me. I turn to my sister again but she is in a deep sleep and I am unable to scream or say anything. I begin to panic. The woman is getting closer and I am trying my best to get the words out of my mouth. Suddenly I wake up. I see my fiancé next to me now, and the room looks exactly the same but the woman and my sister are gone. I still can't move. I try harder and harder until suddenly I gasp! I am free from the nightmare again but for how long... How long before it happens again, how long before I see the woman in white again, how long before she finally tells me what she wants from me..


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