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The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice marketing campaign is officially starting to gain traction as the release date approaches in just under five months. The film is on the cover of Total Film magazine, with DC's trinity of course on the cover of the page. The issue actually gave us some new photos to look at alongside some older ones we saw in the trailers. Let's take a peak at these photos and do a little analysis.

The Dark Knight Returns reference?

Of course we would start off with Batman right? This scene has the complete Batman vibe to it. We see Batman and Zack Snyder filming a scene in what looks to be an abandoned warehouse in Gotham City. On the floor is a knocked out thug who seems to have taken an Arkham-style beat down, as usually thugs in those games look like that after you give them a swift beat down of justice. From the looks of it, this scene appears to be that quick fight scene of Batman taking down down thugs in the trailer.

This scene is probably when Batman returns to the crime-fighting game and is looking for criminals to unleash his fearful wrath upon. Similar to The Dark Knight Returns right? I called this a little while ago in one of my earlier articles that this scene is when he returns to action.

Superman looked upon as a god.

This shot is something we've seen before, we've seen this in the trailers so really it is just another angle on how this scene is being filmed. The Superman-Jesus symbolism is really being played heavily in Batman v Superman, as Zack Snyder really wants to emphasize the god aspect of Superman and that what the world perceives him as. It gonna be exciting to see Superman's story develop in this scene.

Wonder Woman battles with who?

Nothing new once again as we saw this in the trailer; it's just Wonder Woman being pushed back by some type of powerful force in the movie. Theories and speculation have varied from Doomsday to newly rumored villain OMAC and countless others. We're just going to have to either wait for the movie to release or new footage to give us a hint of who it is.

Icons face to face.

Some things never get old and this shot never will. Every hardcore comic book fan's soul passed through the roof when they saw this scene as two of the greatest superheroes ever stand face to face in the same film for the first time ever. Can't this film come out already? It's looking more epic by the second.

Well that's it for our quick little review. Within the coming months more and more Batman v Superman promotion will come and the hype level will continue to increase. It going to be be wonderful when we finally enter the new year of 2016 and we realize we're getting closer and closer to this giant mammoth. The question is...will it succeed?

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