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Andrew Brindley

In the past few weeks, a rumor came to be that Warner Bros. would be releasing not one, but two new trailers for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Apparently, one trailer would focus on Batman and his preparation for the fight with the Man of Steel. This Batman specific trailer would be featured on Gotham.

The other trailer would focus entirely on Superman and his point of view of Batman. This trailer would be matched with the premiere of Supergirl.

Both trailers would debut on the same night, with a whole new official trailer dropping sometime after. Well, just recently we may have some new evidence to support this rumor.

This may be a fake, but what if it's genuine? This tweet from "Zack Snyder" was deleted minutes later and some would argue it might have been removed due to the inherent secrecy surrounding these trailers. Perhaps Snyder released something too early or was told to pull the plug after a change of plans. Again, this is most likely a fake. If it's real however, it would make sense. Both Gotham and Supergirl appear on October 26th. This would allow the new, third and final trailer to be released Tuesday, as the questionable tweet displays.

Either way, I'm sure all of us will be rushing to watch Gotham and Supergirl when they premiere on Oct. 26th!


Which show will you be watching on October 26th?


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