ByBobby Holloway, writer at
Your English is markedly passable, even for today's standards, in the article, but almost non-existent in every single response comment you've made.... As for your plot twist theory; it was a fun read. I LOVE how creative you got with connecting things that a "normal" human being would never even consider spending time on. One big(well, actually HUGE), problem with it is; there is absolutely no way in hell a GIANT in the movie industry like Warner Bros. would EVER take such an insane risk on one of(if not THE) most expensive movies they've ever put out. In order for your theory to play out, and not leave the general audience in a complete mindfuck of "what the fuck did I just watch? This was supposed to be an historic Event!" type scenario, which is EXACTLY what would happen to the movie if you did happen to be correct, it would HAVE to be set up in advance with AT LEAST a decades worth of 2-3 Blockbusters every year, plus MULTIPLE very popular Network Television shows with MULTIPLE very popular seasons that were obviously all connected.... Think about the hype surrounding this movie. Some people are actually expecting it to out perform The Force Awakens! Then imagine we get something akin to Fant4stic. Admittedly, that shit pile alienated EVERYONE, including hardcore CB fans, but what you're proposing would be an absolute clustering on that same level, but with the studio monetary loss at MILLIONS over what Frank cost Fox!

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