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This weekend sees the release of the sixth(!) installment of Blumhouse's game-changing Paranormal Activity franchise, aptly subtitled The Ghost Dimension. At this point in the horror tentpole's lifespan, one might assume that ideas would start getting retreaded and regurgitated. While that might be true of other genre staples, Ghost Dimension director Gregory Plotkin and producer Jason Blum conjured up a few clever tricks which separated this latest installment from the rest of the movies...

This Time, We Can See The Ghosts

Ghost Dimension follows The Fleeges family - dad Ryan (Chris J. Murray), mom Emily (Brit Shaw) and their peppy little daughter Leila (Ivy George). When the tight-knit clan moves into a new house, they come across a dusty old video camera and a collection of strange tapes in the garage. All of this may seem typical for the series, but when Ryan looks at the camera's lens, we're thrown a bit of a curveball. As it turns out, this seemingly ordinary camcorder is in fact a spirit camera--an advanced device capable of actually capturing images of ghosts as they move about the environment. Whereas the other films relied on what the audience couldn't see, this time we actually get a glimpse through the terrifying looking glass. Which brings us to our next point...

We Get To Meet Toby

Throughout all the various films of the franchise, families have found themselves besieged by a mysterious, evil entity known only as "Toby". Whereas before he was only visible in highly fleeting glimpses, Ghost Dimension promises to finally offer fans a good look at the dastardly demon

It's In 3D

Amazingly, Ghost Dimension marks the very first film in the PA franchise to ever screen in glorious, eye-popping 3-D. While there's no way to make up for all the thrills and chills lost by the other flicks not taking advantage of this brilliant technology, we should all just be happy that the filmmakers are finally able to deliver those raucous, found-footage scares in a whole new dimension. Which brings us to...

The Movie is Embracing a New Release Pattern

Indeed, perhaps the freshest element of Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension is its revolutionary, controversial new release strategy. Back in September, Paramount announced that it had struck a first-of-its-kind deal with AMC and Cineplex where the studio could release Ghost Dimension (as well as the low-budget horror comedy Scout's Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse) on VOD and digital platforms seventeen days after they leave theaters.

So there you have it, paranormal patrons-- leave it to the good folks at Blumhouse to keep their champion franchise fresh after all these years. For more shocks, be sure to check out Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, in theaters now.


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