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Often remembered for his superb performances in movies such as The Dark Knight, Brokeback Mountain and Monster’s Ball, Heath Ledger will doubtlessly go down in history as the stunning actor who was taken from us far too soon. And in addition to his talents, Heath was genuinely an adorable and charismatic soul who was much loved by all who worked with him.

Now an old video has emerged which shows off Heath's hilarious, down-to-earth nature and, if possible, makes us miss him even more.

Taken in 2006 on the red carpet of the AFI Awards, Heath is being interviewed when he bumps into Magda Szubanski...

And she totally freaks out.

Which Heath reacts to in the Best. Way. Ever.

Then regains composure with a smirk whilst she's left dumbfounded. Swoon.

Then she faints, 'cause who wouldn't?

This footage is now nine years old and has suddenly resurfaced, giving us all the throwback feels. What a lot of people don't know, however, is that Magda Szubanski is a comedy actress and was in her Kath & Kim character Sharon when she 'bumped into' Ledger.

She carried on through the rest of the ceremony, later presenting an award, although unfortunately by that time she'd come down with a sore case of 'Heath rash.'

Watch the full clip below:

Source: EW, Buzzfeed


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