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A bizarre, profanity rich video has surfaced showing Charlie Sheen's old flame, Brett Rossi, burning photographs from their time together and expressing her hatred for the actor.

The couple were engaged for six months between February and October last year, but called the relationship off just a month before they were due to marry.

Their engagement, which cost a stunning $100,000, was attended by many of Brett's co-workers, who happened to be... porn stars.

Brett herself has starred in numerous adult films such as An American Werewolf in London XXX Porn Parody, Neighbour Affair 17 and She Loves My Big Breasts 2 (which is, let's say, fairly self explanatory).

Following the breakup, Sheen spoke of his "tremendous fondness" of Brett, although this recent video shows the two couldn't be further apart.

"[He's] a woman-beating piece of sh*t"

Although a huge amount of the dialogue is bleeped out, the video contains allegations of domestic abuse from Brett, with her saying:

"He beat the sh*t out of me and made me f*cking think it was okay to forgive him."

Brett, who also goes by the name Scottine, is seen burning photo albums, one of which is titled 'Charlie & Scottine,' while sarcastically proclaiming "this was a great time in my life."

"[Sheen] dragged me around like a rag doll"

Later, Brett is filmed talking to camera, where she again re-iterates the fact that Sheen abused her, revealing:

"You choked me out, you threw me on the floor, you dragged me around like a rag doll, you told me what a piece of sh*t I was all the time. F*ck you."

The video ends with a clip of Brett throwing a copy of the The Catcher in the Rye into the fire, claiming it was Sheen's favorite book.

You can watch the full video below:

Sheen's personal life was subject to huge media scrutiny in 2011, following his dismissal from the hit comedy show Two and a Half Men. At the time, he was responsible for a string of bizarre quotes, such as "the only thing I'm addicted to is winning," which launched the hashtag.

The manner of his Tweets haven't changed much in the following years, the below an illustration of his winning mentality which he still expresses in the public domain.

The video follows previous allegations of Sheen physically assaulting Brett, including claims he threatened to kill her and kicked her when she was pregnant.

Brett was also hospitalized in November 2014 due to an alleged overdose, following the break up of their relationship.

Source: Radar Online


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