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A British journalist was shut down after repeatedly asking a stoic Daniel Craig to do his 'James Bond pout,' in what might be the most excruciatingly uncomfortable interview I've ever seen.

The cringe-inducing exchange aired on ITV's This Morning show, during which showbiz reporter Sarah Powell directed some rather questionable questions at James Bond.

"The Daniel Craig pout. Are you familiar with it, do you know what I'm talking about?"

"Not really, no."

"Go on, show me it, show me it."


And that's why they call him double-no-7.

"Go on, go on!"

"Do me a little pout, like, you know when he rolls over and he's there--"

"I think you need to move on."

Watch the full awkward exchange below:

Picard knows how you feel, Daniel.

The interview was punctuated by other facepalm-appropriate moments, including a question regarding Bond's bod, or lack thereof.

Powell: There's no swimwear, there's no tearing of the shirt off. What happened, why haven't you got your kit off?

*Long pause*

Craig: It just didn't happen.

The conversation was cut short when Craig allegedly swore at the journalist after she gave him a car sticker with his wife's name on it. The 47-year-old actor wasn't the only one mystified by the bizarre lines of questioning.

Twitter reacts

No wonder Craig has made his aversion to press junkets clear in the past. I'd get pretty fed up with reporters like these, too.

[Source: ITV]


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