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Today is the day! The first multiplayer alpha for the long awaited Doom reboot is upon us. This latest edition to the Doom franchise hails the terrifying return of a childhood nightmare - but one I kinda love.

This is an all new generation of Doom; it is the demonic rebirth of a classic that will herald the monstrous return of the Imp, Revenant, and Mancubus. Doom is back, and with an attitude that stinks worse than the Revenants' burning flesh.

But don't be too scared. This year's reboot has added some serious firepower. This time around, it's the player's turn to dish out the the nightmares.

Id Software's new Doom is playable via the closed alpha group this weekend only, access was dished out to a very lucky few who preordered the game earlier in the year. The rest of us, however, will have to make do with Id Software's demon blasting gameplay trailer.

Doom Multiplayer Footage

Remember when I said that Doom has some big guns? I was not kidding. In the gameplay footage we are introduced to a plethora of kick-ass weaponry including the rocket launcher, shotgun, plasma cannon, static cannon and gauss cannon - among others.

We also see how the game plays out through the eyes of a demon. In the featured multiplayer mode, players are able to temporarily take the form of a fire spitting demon, in this case, the Revenant.

Gameplay seems to include a lot of run and gun tactics, while utilizing a fair few new elements like the jetpacks and grapple hooks. By the looks of it all, these new features provide the latest Doom with a nonlinear gameplay feel. Targets are coming at you from all angles, stay sharp.

What is likely to occur here is that - as predicted - there will be a number of game modes for players to get involved with. There will also be a number of different arenas and locations for you to wage your unholy wars in.

I am almost getting a Quake 3 vibe from the gameplay - but let's be honest, Quake 3 was by far Id Software's best and greatest selling run and gun shooter. It makes total sense that they would bring the best elements from that and intertwine them into their new Doom reboot.

The Doom campaign/story will begin outside on the Mars surface, right at the outset of a demonic invasion. From what we are told by developers over at Bethesda, Doom will play out in a similar way to Doom 1 and Doom 2 and will not be going down the survival-horror roots, as Doom 3 did.

Remember that this gameplay is not representative of the end product, this is alpha footage - expect bigger and better things come the beta testing phase. Doom is due out in spring 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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