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YATAAA! Hiro Nakamura made his expected return coinciding with the best episode of Heroes Reborn so far.

Last week I had issues with Heroes Reborn, I found that the stories wasn't moving fast enough. And happily, all of my interrogations vanished with "Game Over". The reunion of several characters cut down a bit the number of stories, surely for the best.

As I said, Hiro made his first appearance since the end of Heroes and allowed the story to do a great step forward. Miko's and Noah's storyline collided thanks to Hiro and we learned that Miko wasn't human. She is a creation of Hachiro Otomo based on his dead daughter. In fact, her only purpose was to freed Hiro from his "video game" prison and she vanished after that. I really hope that we haven't seen the last of Miko, given that she is not real and by extension not really dead.

We also saw Quentin getting killed by his own sister Phoebe and it was a really heartbreaking moment. If you have seen the webseries Dark Matters, the bond that united Quentin and his sister was the best part of it. But, as you saw, HRG got back to June 13th with Hiro to try to understand what happened that day, and maybe prevent it from happening even if Hiro is worried about altering the past. So, don't start grieving on Quentin right now, we might see him again.

For Erica, it really feels like she's loosing control of the situation, as you saw her reaction at the end. Her daughter is turning on her, she lost her best assets first with Molly and now Hiro. Nothing is going as she expected and her plan seems to slowly fall apart. However, Erica doesn't seems to be the type to give up easily. Also, little twist: Taylor is pregnant, giving her even more reasons to go after her mother.

Tommy got to take Emily for a trip to Paris and tried to act like a normal teenager. During all the scenes between them I was wondering: "When are you going to kiss her ? She's dying for it !" And he finally made the gap ! Also, I don't know about you but I found the special effects great during those scenes. I really had the impression they were actually in Paris.

Luke finally connected with the bigger picture, as he met Melina for the first time. I think it's for the better because Luke's story wasn't compelling at all since the start. He has now, as he said himself, a new purpose: finding Tommy and save the world. I expect him and Melina to bond during their time together so how will she react when she learn what Luke did before ?

Also, two episodes in a row without Joanne ! How great is that ? When we see her again I don't expect a warm meeting with Luke.

Carlos and Dearing got on torture and car trip together. And I have to ask: is there a dumbest character than Carlos ? He drank what Dearing gave him without even wondering if it could be a trap. It wasn't really smart from him. But could this substance he took turn him into an EVO ? I hope it is because as always Carlos is still apart from the main story. While, all the important characters really have their role in the bigger picture, we are still wondering how he will interact with it. I hope it will pay-off because there wasn't much in already six episodes.

"Game Over" was definitely the best episode Heroes Reborn delivered so far. The show get rid of unessential elements to focus on the core story. It allowed this episode to be much stronger than the previous. There was a lot of momentum thanks to Hiro. The first half of the season end on a good mark that I expect will continue. Next week, "June 13th Part 1", will start to disclose answers we were waiting since the start and I expect it to be amazing.


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