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I spent a lot of time with Star Wars: Battlefront when it was in its open beta phase, and I loved every second of it. Well, when I wasn't having my butt handed to me by Stormtroopers on Hoth. As did all of us, I guess.

So much of the game simply felt right, and these were the accumulation of various tiny & clever aesthetic embellishments in the world of the game.

Like how laser fire sparks with the vintage flair of ILM's heyday, or the actual impending doom felt as an AT-AT positions itself outside the Rebel hangar on Hoth and pummels the good guys with its outrageously powerful blasters. Or just how damn beautiful the snow is on Hoth! It glistens, man! It's mind-blowing!

Yet terrifying when this happens...
Yet terrifying when this happens...

But despite all of the good, my only major gripe with Battlefront was how refined and stripped the weapon load-outs felt.

I get that it was a glorified demo and DICE wouldn't have wanted to spoil all of the impending surprises. But it would have been awesome to have been able to see and experiment with all of the blasters, 'star cards' and traits available, so you could waltz into the full fat version and continue your reign of being the biggest badass in the galaxy.

Or if you're new to Battlefront or first person shooters in general, at least put up a bit of a fight.

The Leaks Awaken

Han Solo, Leia Organa & Emperor Palpatine
Han Solo, Leia Organa & Emperor Palpatine

Luckily for us impatient lot, a few eagle-eyed data miners recently managed to dig up a whole host of information regarding Battlefront's best kept secrets whilst enjoying the PC beta.

Besides revealing the full list of iconic heroes and villains we'll be able to torture infantry troops with, including the iconic characters above, the leaks also revealed all of the game's weapons, 'star cards', traits, vehicles and game modes.

It's quite the thorough list and gives us a chance to scan through the arsenal available and plan the various overpowered weaponry and star cards better suited for your individual play-styles.

Trial & Error

So that's what I've thrown together now, as much for my own benefit as yours! I've created three different load-outs depending on your skill, mood, patience and how close you like to get in battle, so you don't have to.

Whether you prefer sticking to the peripheries of the map; stalking and sniping your prey, or you prefer trail-blazing a path into battle; racking up an equal amount of deaths and kills on the leaderboard, I reckon I've got the perfect load-out to turn you from this...

Into this...

But do bear in mind that all of this sprung from a leak and some of these weapons and perks may not appear in the finished version, or may not appear in their current form. But seeing as how soon the game releases, I don't think there will be any drastic changes to the vanilla release:

Close Combat


Blaster load-out screen
Blaster load-out screen

Here's a selection of pistols that excel over short distances:

  • SE-14C - This particular pistol fires 5 rounds in bursts. Particularly deadly when up close.
  • CA-87 - A retconned Jawa pistol with some seriously effective modifications. Very deadly at short range.
  • DL-44 - One of the most powerful pistols in the game; deals out huge amounts of damage, but overheats pretty swiftly.

Star Cards

Star card load-out screen
Star card load-out screen

Star Cards are items that must be unlocked and purchased in order for them to be used on the battlefield. Usually weapons or shields, only 3 Star Cards can be used in your hand at any go.

All Star Cars have a cool-down period, but can be used indefinitely (Thermal Detonator, Cycler Rifle), but others have a more finite lifecycle and must be replenished by finding the corresponding power-up on the map.

  • Flash Grenade - Creates a temporarily blinding light and deafening sound to disorientate enemies.
  • Impact Grenade - Has a smaller blast radius than the thermal detonator, and explodes on contact with any object.
  • Scout Pistol - A sneaky sidearm to use when your primary weapon is overheated.
  • Smoke Grenade - A grenade that disrupts lock-on weapons and provides temporary cover.
  • Jump Pack - Utilizes blast thrusters to boost you over high obstacles or across great distances. Will save your butt on many occasions.
  • Proximity Bomb - Explodes when enemies approach it.
  • Squad Shield - A huge energy shield that can house multiple friendlies. Protects you from blaster fire and orbital strikes, but can be breached by live rounds, grenades and the enemy on-foot.
  • Cooling Cell - Instantly cools your primary weapon and stops it from over heating for a certain period of time.
  • Personal Shield - Similar to the Squad Shield, this is a shield that temporarily protects you from fire.
  • Ion Shot - A temporary boost to your primary weapon allows you to fire ion rounds which are particularly good against droids, shields and stationary weapons like turrets.
  • Ion Grenade - Like the Ion Shot, but deals considerably more damage.
  • Explosive Shot - Overcharges your main weapon so it fires explosive rounds for a short period of time.


Traits load-out screen
Traits load-out screen

Traits have 3 different tiers that unlock new abilities that reduce weapon or card cool-down, damage taken or increases stealth ability or the amount health regenerates.

  • Beserker

Level 1 - Health regeneration starts a bit faster.

Level 2 - Health regeneration starts faster.

Level 3 - Health regeneration starts much faster AND replenish a small amount of health with each kill.

  • Scout

Level 1 - Sprinting does not show on enemy scanner.

Level 2 - Sprinting and firing your primary weapon does not show on enemy scanner.

Level 3 - Sprinting and firing your primary weapon does not show on enemy scanner and killing an enemy resets weapon heat.

  • Bounty Hunter

Level 1 - Low chance to get a Power Card with each kill.

Level 2 - Medium chance to get a Power Card with each kill.

Level 3 - High chance to get a Power Card with each kill and resets cool-down with each kill.

Mid-Range Combat


  • A280 - The Rebel Alliance's number 1 rifle of choice, it is good for fighting at medium to long distances, and has a high rate of fire.
  • DH-17 - A fully automatic blaster pistol, perfect for mid-range battle due to its enemy pinning high fire rate.
  • E-11 - This rifle is a bit of an all rounder, but its power and great accuracy renders it a formidable mid-range weapon.
  • A280C - Akin to the A280, but a higher rate of fire and power.

Star Cards

Thermal Imploder in action
Thermal Imploder in action

Gif via cckk0

  • Thermal Detonators - Your a-typical grenade. Explodes, makes people dead.
  • Thermal Imploder - A hugely powerful grenade that implodes rather than explodes. Creates a ton of damage, so make sure you get out quick after throwing it!
  • Jump Pack
  • Barrage - A powerful grenade launcher. Fires 3 short fused grenades in a row.
  • Bowcaster - Better suited for mid-combat play due to its charge-up ability, the Bowcaster fires one or more explosive bolts.
  • Personal Shield
  • R5D4 & Viper Probe Droids - Droid scouts that survey your surroundings and attacks enemies.
  • Cooling Cell
  • Homing Shot - A rocket that locks onto infantry from afar.
  • Cycler Rifle - A sniper rifle that fires actual bullets, it is effective against shields and taking down out of reach enemies.
  • Ion Shot
  • Ion Torpedo - Like the Ion Shot, but way more effective. Better used against vehicles and turrets.
  • Infantry Turret - An automated gun turret that attacks advancing infantry.
  • Vehicle Turret - Like the Infantry Turret, but fires rockets at vehicles.


  • Bodyguard

Level 1 - Decreases explosive damage by a small amount.

Level 2 - Decreases explosive damage by a medium amount.

Level 3 - Decreases explosive damage by a large amount AND blaster damage by a small amount.

  • Sharpshooter

Level 1 - Headshot kills reduce current cool-downs by a small amount.

Level 2 - Headshot kills reduce current cool-downs by a medium amount.

Level 3 - Headshot kills reduce current cool-downs by a large amount.

  • Scout
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Beserker

Long-Range Combat

What. A. Shot.
What. A. Shot.

Gif via AzzyTheMLGPro


  • RT-97C - Adaptable to any situation, but due to the inclusion of optics, this is also a great long-range weapon.
  • T-21 - A very powerful rifle over long distances, but has a slow rate of fire and no optics.
  • EE-3 - A 3-round blaster that comes complete with optics.
  • DLT-19 - Think of a long-range version of the DH-17 and be excited.
  • T-21B - Almost identical to the T-21, but it has optics.

Star Cards

Blaster Cannon
Blaster Cannon
  • Homing Shot
  • Cycler Rifle
  • Scout Pistol
  • Jump Pack
  • Ion Torpedo
  • Infantry Turret
  • Blaster Cannon - Highly destructive cannon, that is effective against multiple advancing units.
  • Smart Rocket - Can be used as a normal rocket launcher, but locks onto a vehicle as soon as it spots one.
  • R5D4 & Viper Probe Droids
  • Pulse Cannon - Long-range rifle that's power increases the longer it is powered up.
  • Explosive Shot
  • Thermal Detonators
  • Orbital Strike - A lethal shower of blaster rounds from the capital ships in orbit. Hugely destructive.


  • Sharpshooter
  • Scout

What did you make of that?

Have you been inspired by any of the load-outs you've seen here? Feel free to share your own in the comments, and get ready for the ultimate battle for galactic supremacy!

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