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Yesterday was exactly one month away from Return of the Roar's premiere, now today is exactly one month away from 's launch and the ability to watch the movie on the WATCH Disney Junior app.

Perhaps from the website we'll see Kiara. The first games on the site are going to be about each guard member and their strengths. However, I assume as time goes on it will develop into a site like the other Disney Junior shows, with Kiara and all.

So I decided to analysis some of the other Disney Junior websites and make predictions of what might also happen on The Lion Guard sight (With a bit of focus on Kiara, naturally.)

The shows all seem to have some very creative and unique games. 's games tend to rehash some concepts in their games, but these each have their own special games.

So I ended up having some fun:

Here's a human!Kiara as a pirate. From the game Pirate Me.

Looks like she's a princess too.

Now Simba, Nala, Kion and Kiara are monsters!

And given this is a Sofia the First game, I drew my favorite princess: Kiara.

As stated above, there are some confirmed games dealing with the Lion Guard's strengths. Maybe there will be more games similar to the ones above. There could be a lion maker game, where you make your own guard member. A drawing game is almost certain, as that's common fare among toddler games.There's bound to be a game that features Kiara in some way, maybe one focusing on her.

There's also a video section on most pages. Depending on the videos they choose there might be some that feature Kiara. Two of the preview clips already have her in them.

The finally activity and coloring sheets. These are also common and could feature Kiara as well.

We'll just have to wait and see what the website will give us.


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