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We all have that one embarrassing tattoo we got when we were young, careless, and carefree. Well, most of us have them. No? Okay... it might just be me and a certain Baldwin who made youthful mistakes with tattoos.

Tattoos are wonderful; they can highlight interests, hobbies, venerate a loved one, commemorate an event, or the body art can simply be used to celebrate one's uniqueness. The artwork we choose to accompany us for the rest of our lives can speak volumes about our character. We can tell so much from these illustrations and they're growing in popularity -- better, they're becoming fashionable and socially acceptable!

So why, you might ask, has Stephen Baldwin been seen with a Hannah Montana tattoo? Have a look below at the spectacular discovery.

So what do you think? Is Baldwin onto a winner with this one, and will we all soon be sporting our classic "H.M." tattoo's with Stevie B letting us know that he did it before it was cool? Probably not... but Baldwin and I will defend our tattoos to the bitter end!

So let's move onto the "how" and "why" of it all. Why does he have a Hannah Montana tattoo, and how did he end up getting the "H.M." on his shoulder?

Well... naturally, it was a perfectly reasonable mistake involving an innocent joke taken a little too seriously, and a poor decision to get a tattoo depicting the name of a children's television star.

It seems actor, born-again Christian, and youngest of the Baldwin clan -- Stephen, took Miley Cyrus at her word when she joked he could cameo on her television show if he got a Hannah Montana tattoo.

Courageous and always up for a challenge, our Stevie B took her up on her offer and proceeded to get the H.M. tattoo.

Miley Cyrus, however, didn't keep up her end of the deal and Stephen Baldwin never did get to make a cameo appearance on Hannah Montana, even after showing his "H.M." to Cyrus in 2008.

"I got a small one of her initials and next time I saw her, I showed her and she nearly fell off her chair. It’s unfortunate, I’ve lived up to my part of the bargain but she’s not yet to give me a guest-star role on her show."

I'm truly surprised at Miley! She dared Stephen and he accepted the challenge, he really should have gotten his chance to appear on the show!

Stephen has since revealed that he regrets getting the tattoo, but that he isn't ashamed.

"Hey, it's just one more." [...] "And I have a beverage company that produces an energy shot, a Red Bull-type drink, called Hit Me. So I can say that the HM stands for Hit Me. Hit me! I'm fueled on adrenaline with a chaser of the Holy Ghost! Yeeeeah!"

So it seems getting tricked into a Hannah Montana tattoo hasn't discouraged the youngest Baldwin, who aims to pass it off as a "Hit Me" tattoo. Good call Stephen, it's still not the best of tattoo's, but there's absolutely no way a tattoo saying "Hit Me" can be taken as anything other than advertising an energy drink.

Rather than being embarrassed and disheartened, Stephen chose to wear the tattoo with pride. Who are we to argue?


What do you think of Steven Baldwin's tattoo?

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