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I remember my prom night. I wore a long turquoise dress made out of a tacky satin material with cheesy beading and matching heels. My date didn't even have the proper shoes and just wore black moccasins, which angered my parents greatly.

My date and I danced all night long, then we went to the after party—where I drank so much that I threw up in the hallway. That is one hangover I will never forget, especially since even a sip of beer makes me feel drunk.

Below is a list of celebrities who have done the whole awkward prom picture thing, proving once again that they really are like us!

1. Beyoncé

You can still tell who runs the world in this picture. Beyoncé looks stunningly classy (as usual) with her handsome date.

2. Ellen DeGeneres

This picture couldn't scream '70s any more than it already does. A plaid prom dress isn't the way I'd go, but she is making it work.

3. Fergie

This blonde bombshell is working that royal blue velour with white gloves.

4. Jaden Smith

His cream and white ensemble is very fashion forward. I'm sure he and his date were strutting their stuff as if they were walking down the runway.

5. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer knows how to work a little black dress, as well as any other article of clothing. And do you see that short hair? She's pulling it off.

6. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has not changed a bit. She looks like she belongs on the Swiss Alps with her Heidi-inspired dress.

7. Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon has us falling for him. His adorable smile let's us know he was the perfect prom date.

8. Jon Hamm

Just look at that charming grin. He still has that boyish charm today.

9. Julia Roberts

She's already looking like America's sweetheart in this appropriate sweetheart-style dress.

10. Danielle Fishel and Lance Bass

The thought of Topanga dating an *NSYNC member is probably our '90s dream couple.

11. Rihanna

Is there a hairstyle this girl can't pull off? And that cobalt blue is beautiful with her gorgeous skin tone.

12. Tyra Banks

This just screams model, as her date is holding his own as well. I can't imagine it's easy to pose next to a professional model, and let's all be honest that Tyra really knows what she's doing, even at this age.

13. Will Ferrell

This funny guy didn't even hesitate to pull a silly move like wearing a very sparkly crown on his head.

Why are prom dresses so hideous? Why did I spend so much money on mine only to never wear it ever again?

I know I am not the only person asking these questions, and I'm sure Beyoncé and Rihanna have pondered these quizzically before as well.


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