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I think almost every movie watcher around the world has a stand out or favorite director whose upcoming movie is instantly marked as a "must-see." Whether you're a horror buff, a drama nerd or a sucker for action flicks there's a director out there for you, which is what makes the movie industry such an awesome place - there's literally something for everyone.

Of course, in an industry which demands so much emotional commitment, sometimes people go a little crazy in the hot seat. Read on to find out about five of Hollywoods biggest directors, and their crazy, and sometimes inexcusable behavior:

James Cameron

The two highest grossing movies of all time were directed by James Cameron (Titanic and Avatar), though according to many he works with, his perfectionist attitude can be hard to handle.

Sam Worthington stated on The Jay Leno Show that during filming of Avatar Cameron would use a nail gun to nail crew member's cell phones to the wall if they rang during shoots. Actress Kate Winslet has also said that she found the director's temper difficult to handle while filming Titanic, and decided she would not work with him again, unless she earned "a lot of money."

David O. Russell

David O. Russell may have been nominated for three Best Director Academy Awards, but in 2004, amid reports of tension on the set of I Heart Huckabees, a video of the director fighting with actress Lily Tomlin leaked online. The video clearly shows Russell calling Tomlin a "bitch" and a "fucking c**t" while kicking and flinging objects around the set, as a crew member cowers in the corner.

However, this wasn't the first time Russell's reputation had been brought into disrepute. While filming Three Kings, Russell apparently manhandled an extra which caused an exhausted George Clooney to get in a physical altercation with the director. Clooney has since said that "life is too short" to ever work with Russell again, though acknowledged that he is "tremendously talented."

Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino may have directed some of the most iconic films of the last 20 years, but one of his regular collaborators says that the director has strict rules on set. Talking to Playboy magazine, actor Christoph Waltz revealed:

Quentin has this strict rule, wholeheartedly, with emphasis and vehemently. No cellphones on the set. As you enter the soundstage or location, a person collects them. If you can’t live without your gadget, don’t enter the set. If you have to be reachable for your day-to-day professional proceedings, don’t enter the set. People actually have to sign a paper.

And what happens if someone does dare use their gadget on set? Well according to Waltz, they can kiss their job goodbye:

You get fired...When somebody booted up a computer on set and it made that sound, Quentin got up and left without a word.

Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick was well known for his agonizing attention to detail in films, which as a result made him extremely hard to work with for some. One of the best known stories of his perfectionism is his treatment of actress Shelley Duvall during the filming of The Shining. Apparently Kubrick scrutinized every move Duvall made, and nearly drove her to the point of insanity with the actress becoming violently ill while filming, and losing hair from the stress. Most infamously, Kubrick forced Duvall to act out the scene of Wendy Torrence hitting Jack Torrence with a bat an obscene 127 times before he was satisfied.

Alfred Hitchcock

He might have been the master of horror films, but apparently in real-life Alfred Hitchcock also had a dark side to his personality. Hitchcock was renowned for getting fixated on young actresses and trying "to woo them into bed via the casting couch." Hitchcock's biggest infatuation was with actress Tippi Hedren, and despite rejecting all of Hitchcock's advances, the director was so set on controlling Hedren that he ruined her career by locking her in a five-year contract with no films. Other behavior included using "real flapping, biting rooks and crows" during a five-day shoot on The Birds after assuring her that the birds would be plastic. Some of the birds were even connected to Hedren by elastic, and as a result she almost had her eyes pecked out.

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