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Gravity Falls has never failed to deliver thrilling plot twists and exciting episodes, but S02E18 looks like it will exceed all expectations as the town is plunged into the ultimate odd apocalypse. The teaser trailers gave us a sneak peak at the terrifyingly weird events about to befall Gravity Falls, and some of these clues need some serious decoding. So what's in store for the Pines family in S02E18? And why is Bill Cipher taking over the world?

Collecting Characters

Dipper & Mabel vs The Future was an action packed episode, but it was also one of Gravity Falls' saddest stories yet, as Mabel faces the fact that summer must end. Because Dipper and Ford didn't let her in on Bill Cipher's plans, Mabel was easily manipulated by the triangle trickster, and of course her vulnerability lead to Bill's plans becoming a reality.

Many of us assumed that Mabel would just be left alone after Bill got what he wanted, but from the teaser it seems as though Bill's plans for Mabel have just begun...

But what could he possibly want with Mabel? Some fans have suggested that Bill is on a mission to collect all the characters represented in the Cipher wheel. This wheel is the symbol used to summon Bill Cipher to our realm of reality, and all the symbols match up to the characters in Gravity Falls. This gif by fluffyflan helps explain the connections...

We know the characters are connected to the symbols: when Bill first meets Dipper, Mabel, and Soos, he refers to them as "Pine Tree, Shooting Star, and Question Mark" ie - the symbols on the wheel.

But there's a huge amount of mystery surrounding this - Ford found this wheel painted on a cave wall, and used it to summon Bill long before most of the characters were even born! Is this some sort of prophecy? Or is it just a neat fourth-wall breaking symbolic trick on the part of Alex Hirsch? S02E18 could reveal the answer: perhaps Bill needs all these characters to complete some kind of ritual to give him more power?

Whatever the reason, Mabel is definitely at the epicentre of all this weirdness. Which would be concerning, but remember that this is one seriously badass little girl! She'll be fine... right?

Ok, maybe we should be concerned for Bill!

Escaping A Decaying Dimension

There have been several teaser videos released by Disney XD in the run up to S02E18, and perhaps the most terrifying of all is this alternate version of the credits, entitled Broken Barriers.

Here's what Bill says, just in case you didn't catch that...

"One trillion years I've been trapped in my own decaying dimension! Physical forms? Don't mind if I do!"

There's a crucial snippet of information here that provides the biggest clue in why Bill Cipher wants his dimension to merge with ours: his is dying! Beyond his general desire to make everything as weird as him, Bill seems to be acting in self preservation, and he's also making sure everyone else from his terrifying dimension gets out alive before it collapses. So why is the dimension itself decaying? Hopefully we'll find out in S02E18!

Bill might be escaping more than his dimension: at NYCC Alex Hirsch revealed that Bill's relationship with his family (triangles have families?) was far from good...

This is also yet another ominous hint about Bill's friends. In the episode The Last Mabelcorn, Ford dreams of Bill Cipher, and Bill mentions his pals.

"You can't stop what I have planned! I've been making deals, chatting with old friends, and preparing for the big day. You can't protect that rift forever! You'll slip up, and when you do..."

The end of Dipper & Mabel vs The Future showed nightmarish creatures waiting to come through the Rift, so there's no doubt we'll see plenty of Bill's fearsome friends soon. But it's possible that these hints foreshadow a particular new character's arrival: could we get another villain to rival Bill Cipher? (Or maybe lots of villains!)

There's plenty more unanswered questions about Gravity Falls, like what deal did Blendin make with Bill so Bill could possess him? What's the connection between Stan and Bill? And will Dipper really stay in Gravity Falls? Tune in on Monday 26th to find out - we can't wait!

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